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The power of small children
Published on March 30, 2004 By Draginol In Home & Family

So I'm working in my home office and the 3 year old comes up and says "I wove you, daddy." and hugs me.

I melt onto the floor.

on Mar 30, 2004

It still amazes me that I can be in the crappiest, foulest mood ...but one of my little guys telling me they love me or giving me a hug can make it all better. Ah, the power of children...!
on Mar 30, 2004
Awww that is soooo cute!!!

I love kids. Can't wait til I have my own. I love it when my nephew even says my name!! It's so cute... One day I was in my basement, and my mom was carrying my nephew down the stairs and he was calling "Annie? Annie? Annie?" and then when he saw me he went, "ANNIE!!!!!!" It was soooo cute. He's almost a year old now.

on Mar 30, 2004
Shoot. I meant two years.

on Mar 31, 2004
i knew you were just a big sap under that macho exterior