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The upgrade is complete
Published on June 7, 2006 By Draginol In Blogging
For the first time in years I can happily say that is running very very fast.  The server upgrade is a success.  Yay!
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on Jun 07, 2006
Kewl, thanks for the effort.
on Jun 07, 2006

Triple Yay!!!  I say it truly is faster!!

There is also something really different about the Top Ten site...??  what's up with it?

I'm seeing names in there I've never seen before,  it's all........different. 

on Jun 07, 2006

P.S.  Ooooooops,

Thank You

on Jun 07, 2006
on Jun 07, 2006
terrific brad, thanx for the time and energy you and yours put into this site.

on Jun 07, 2006

Can I borrow T-man to work on the Comcast connection?  No?

CavTel here I come!

But yea, super sweat on the upgrade!

on Jun 07, 2006
very nice....
Stardocks sites had gotten horribly slow for me, now they zip right along!

With the new server up can we expect to see new JoeUser features? I hope so...

on Jun 07, 2006

Reply By: TasT

Psst! You got an honorable mention in my latest Headlines series. 

on Jun 07, 2006
Buy those IT folks several rounds on me Excellent work, hopefully it'll help keep things smooth for some time to come. If not, then just start dropping the access for all of the folks that are collecting trolling points until things pick back up again hehehehe
on Jun 07, 2006
sst! You got an honorable mention in my latest Headlines series.

Thanks, though I can't find it?
on Jun 07, 2006
It really is noticeably faster, with great loading times. Thanks Brad! You guys ROCK!
on Jun 08, 2006
the site is fllllyyying now 8-)
on Jun 08, 2006
Much appreciated
on Jun 08, 2006
Stardock rules!

(We need the t-shirts!)
on Jun 08, 2006
Rocks! And to think I was able to post articles yesterday! So cool you guys, Margaritas on me!
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