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I'm not good enough
Published on June 18, 2006 By Draginol In Blogging

Family and friends who have been outdoors with me have commented/observed that I don't get mosquito bites.  That isn't to say mosquitos never bite me but it's pretty uncommon.  I've never had the pleasure of having a mosquito bite to scratch.

Now before someone thinks this is a conceit, consider what this means. Mosquitos don't think I'm good enough for them.  That's a level of rejection that, frankly, I'm not really able to handle well.

This weekend we went up north and me, my wife, and the kids were on this hamock. The wife and kids were getting bitten like crazy by mosquitos even though they had these weird ring things on their wrists that are supposed to do somethign about it. 

So finally I see a mosquito land on my leg.  My moment of triumph at hand. "Ha!" I yell to my kids and wife. "See, a mosquito just landed on me." But then it left.  THE DAMN THING LEFT! I haven't felt that rejected since my 84' Chevette got broken into and all my tapes were spread onto the seat and NONE of them were taken. I wanted to grab the little thing by its wings, stick it on my leg and scream "Suckle now, damn you!"

Which is why I name mosquitos as being nature's snobs. Goddam vermine that's actually picky about whose blood they'll drink.   That's why I like spiders better. I get spider bites. They know how to show the love.

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on Jun 22, 2006
I WISH mosquitos would snob me! It's so bad here in Italy.

One of the things I like about being on "our end" of town is that not as many mosquitoes make it up our way. I can certainly tell the difference when I'm nearer the river (like when I'm at the football field or the fire station).

I, too, prefer scorpions to spiders. Scorpions are rarely aggressive.
on Jun 22, 2006
So maybe you do get bit, Brad, but you don't have an allergic reaction to them.

No, they actually rarely even land on him. When they do, they turn around and leave without even trying. I've seen it many times with my own eyes or else I wouldn't believe it.
on Jun 22, 2006
My biggest worry about getting bit by a skeeter is it will quickly bite someone else and transfer hep C to them.
on Jun 22, 2006
When I lived in Alaska we had mosquitoes so big they were jokingly referred to as the "state bird."

I'd wager you could get a good bite or two up there Brad. 100% DEET didn't phase those bird wanna bes.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. My husband wears vanilla extract when he golfs and doesn't come home with a bite....but when I go with him....vanilla or up!

Some people have all the luck....

on Jun 22, 2006
Scorpions are rarely aggressive.

And a lot harder to kill!
on Jun 22, 2006
When I lived in Alaska we had mosquitoes so big they were jokingly referred to as the "state bird."

Did you ever see the Orignal "In Laws" With peter Falk?

His speech on the tse Tse flies!
on Aug 06, 2006
My son is 19 years old and mosquitoes definitely have an aversion to him. Rarely do they land on him and he has never had a mosquito bump. But does that mean he has never been bitten or that he never has had a reaction? We live in Texas where the mosquitoes are fierce, especially in humid weather. While everyone else is getting devoured he has no problem. Is it something to do with body chemistry? Go figure!
on Aug 06, 2006
mesquitoes bite me and dogs hump my leg. It's so nice to be special.