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Choosing a nominee?
Published on September 14, 2006 By Draginol In Republican

With the 2008 election starting to loom (unfortunately) the Republican line up for President is not looking very promising. It looks a lot like 1996.

Let's look at the likely leading candidates:

  • Rudy Giuliani. Unelectedable. A social liberal Republican cannot get the electoral votes to win.
  • John McCain. Probably not electable. Right wing turn out won't be sufficient if there's a strong Democratic candidate.
  • Newt Gingrich. Low charisma. He would probably be an excellent President but being President today sadly is mostly about things besides qualifications.

So I'm not sure who the Republican are likely to put upt but it's not looking promising.

on Sep 14, 2006
All we can do is hope the left puts up Billary. She wouldn't stand a snowballs chance.
on Sep 14, 2006
Hell we need a person who is right and knows how to handle things. The country does not need a jackass to invade other lands on the presumption of he has weapons. Big deal if he did. He wants to protect his country as well. I see no need for one leader telling other leaders what they can do or should do.

I really like the president of China. he has the knowledge to see most leaders fo the world and not telling them what thewy have to do. he sends troops on peace missions with the UN so that other lands can be safe maybe and not to invade and kill people. I give him more credit than that jackass in Washington.
on Sep 14, 2006
We need someone who also can use a text editor.
on Sep 14, 2006
We need someone who also can use a text editor.

I do agree with you, Brad. I don't see a lot of hope for the GOP in 2008. 'Course, like miller said, if we do something stupid and pick Hillary as our nominee, it'll be "hmm . . . who's the lesser of two evils here?"

Kinda like how I felt about the 2004 elections.
on Sep 14, 2006
The Republican ticket I wrote down more than 2 years (a week or two after the last election) ago was McCain/Giuliani. I don't think the reverse would fly.

It does not please me at all that we'll have to take more than 2 years to resolve the question of the next US President. Especially not with it being part of the news cycle for much of that period of time.

on Sep 15, 2006
True, Brad, but isnt' it always like this when a president it coming up on the end of his 8 years? The fact that the VP (who is often looked at as the next front-runner) has shown no interest in the job?

When Reagan was ending his two terms, VP Bush was ready to step up, but there still wasn't "unity" around him during the primaries. The same with when Clinton's time was running short... Al Gore was the heir apparent, but not for all democrats...

The primary season isn't usually a time of unity and usually there isn't a clear front runner right off (especially for the incumbant party). We'll see how thing unfold as the primaries get moving and the candidate heads start rolling.
on Sep 15, 2006
Tough call.  For the first time in my life, there is not an "incumbent" running (Pres or his VP).  It might very well be an obscure governor that pops out of the pile.  I dont think Mccain can win the nomination, as he has trashed the right base too much.
on Sep 15, 2006
I don't think Mccain can win the nomination, as he has trashed the right base too much.

I personally would not vote willingly for McCain. Only if Shillary is the opposing runner.
on Sep 15, 2006
Vote Brother Mitt!! :~)
on Sep 16, 2006
I'd vote Mccain if he ran....

..and Hillary had better not run.
on Sep 16, 2006
Vote Brother Mitt!!

You know that's where my vote would lie, political differences aside . . .
on Sep 17, 2006
I'd like for Hillary to run, just for the show. I don't think that she'll win because I think that Amercia isn't ready for a female president, unless maybe it's Gina Davis.

I'll be voting for John McCain. I think that he'll actually do a decent job, if anyone can do a decent job these days.