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No, not fun...
Published on October 20, 2006 By Brad Wardell In Blogging

Pathetic Whining Mode: Activated

So as the week comes to an end I've had a lot of people contact me saying "Hey, you're famous, Rush Limbaugh talked about you on the air today". And when he didn't mention me by name, he quoted my article or referred to me as an "unknown blogger" or "rank amateur" or "some nobody" whatever.

I can't say it was a fun experience.  While at work, I'll regularly listen to talk radio which includes Rush Limbaugh on occasion. It's definitely not fun to have someone totally mischaracterize ones position and then demonize you. And then repeatedly say "Some nobody" or "Some amateur" over and over. Wounded pride aside (I mean, I am worth 8 figures, have a top 100 podcast, run a website that is more popular than Rush Limbaugh's, have been on MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, PBS, in Time, Newsweek, US News & World Report, wrote the most popular political game of all time, etc.) at being characterized as a "nobody", the hard part is just sitting back and having to take the "high road". I can't reach 30 million people a day like Rush so I pretty much just have to "take it".

So great, I helped inspire a new term for the political lexicon: Cut and Run conservative. Nice. How insulting. The most obnoxious thing he did was imply that I was doing this to "have influence" and "power" which is so incorrect that it makes me think he's projecting his own motivations.

The thing is, one of my favorite things to do when coding -- listen to talk radio which means Rush from noon to 3, is something I dread. I'll probably never look at Rush the same way. I wouldn't call myself a fan, but I enjoyed his show.  It would be like Bill O'Reilly or Chris Mathews trashing me on their shows without me being able to defend myself on equal terms. Think how you'd react. You'd never look at those shows the same way.

If blogging were my job, I'd be the first to say "hey, this is what the big leagues are, if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen." But it's not. It's a blog. Rush and his ditto-heads (along with catass bloggers who confuse blogging with a life) confuse the two. Rush treats blogs as if they're quasi-columns. It's his basic misunderstanding of the nature of blogging (aka "Web logging"). We're just people posting our opinions as a hobby.  I had one ass complain that I spelled a word wrong on one of my blogs. 

For 99.9% of bloggers, blogging is the digital equivalent of hanging out in a pub and shooting the shit. 

I don't object to Rush or someone else linking to one of my blogs as part of their PROFESSIONAL performance on their show. But it would be nice if he, since he's being PAID to do his show, would have spent say the 5 minutes to look at what I write before completely misrepresenting what I wrote (i.e. Did I say I wasn't going to vote? No. I have the nerve to think that Republicans themselves are at fault for their problems, not the drive by media and not the Democrats and if they do lose that the world won't end).

Anyway, it's been a long week. Lots of work got done. Windows Vista is about to be released to manufacturing and we have been working hard to get Microsoft to get some last minute bug fixes in. Working on getting Multiplicity into more call centers (some 911 call centers use it). Trying to decide whether to push it towards MMO gamers as well. Lots of action on the GUI Championships. And of course the game stuff has been very busy this week.

I can't wait for the elections to be over.  If the Republicans are able to maintain control of congress (which I hope they do) Rush and his semi-sentient ditto heads will claim "Aha, we were able to thwart those no good cut and run conservatives" and other strawman arguments -- as if we're somehow out to get them.  If they lose, then we'll get the blame. 

Pathetic Whining Mode: DE-activated

on Oct 20, 2006

I used to listen to Rush, but a few years ago he got stale imo.  I am sorry I didn't get to hear him rip you up though..hahaha.  I'm kidding.

Seriously, what does Rush know about being "somebody."  If he lost his voice tomorrow he'd be done.  You have lots of irons in the fire, a family, successful business, talent, and friends.  He can't touch that.  I don't know what he uses to measure success but if its a personal blog, then Rush old boy has really gotten STALE.

Having been in the media business (of which he loosely fits) I can tell you sometimes people like Rush get really hard up for material and have to make mountains out of mole hills...that's why he misreprsented you imo, to sensationalize his ideas and keep viewers.

I know that probably doesn't ease the blisters on your ego...heh.

Sorry you took a beating.  If you ever get a chance you should correct him on tv...preferably liberal tv because it will get more play...course then he'd want a face to face...but judging from what I've seen from you so're up to it.


on Oct 20, 2006
I think for many bloggers just getting mentioned on a national show would make them pee their pants with glee. Think of it this way, even though he probably pays someone to read things for him, the people who come because of his mention will read it themselves.

As the video game industry can attest, sometimes getting derision from someone who isn't important gets you out in front of a lot of people who are.
on Oct 20, 2006
How about a celebrity boxing match? That seems to be the most popular way for bloggers and celebrities to sort out their differences. Put some gloves on and smack the shit through him - I promise you you'll feel a lot better.
on Oct 20, 2006
"How about a celebrity boxing match? That seems to be the most popular way for bloggers and celebrities to sort out their differences. Put some gloves on and smack the shit through him - I promise you you'll feel a lot better."

No, Don King would just take Rush's pills away and he'd become a vicious beast.
on Oct 20, 2006
Just out of curiosity, did you try to contact the show to be on the air?
on Oct 21, 2006
I listen to Rush and Hannity when I get a chance and the one thing you have to remember about their forum is they have total dominance over the discussion. It really is a one sided debate, they choose the callers, they choose the how long they are allowed to speak, they control the discussion! If you did call in to Rushes show and got on the air, he would have made sure his opinion prevailed in the debate!

Maybe you should get Rush back in the next installment of Political Machine, make him a coveted Democrat that is now campaigning for Hilary, that should get a rise out of him!!!!
on Oct 21, 2006
thats enough already with rush, is getting sickening
on Oct 22, 2006
I would consider it an honor to even be considered a significant enough part of the blogosphere to be mentioned on a radio show listened to by millions.
on Oct 22, 2006
"I would consider it an honor to even be considered a significant enough part of the blogosphere to be mentioned on a radio show listened to by millions."

...and that is what Rush counts on. Then if the person isn't that lacking in self-confidence, he's got the barrier in place making sure anything he deals with publicly is balanced in his favor. In such a form-fitted intellectual world it's no surprise people end up... well, like Rush...
on Oct 22, 2006
Brad, you really should call up Rush's show and debate him on the air.
on Oct 23, 2006

That would be insane. It's his "house" so to speak. It would be incredibly uneven.  Moreover, since most of the issue is him mischaracterizing me, he could simply spin it as saying "Well I didn't mean you specifically".

The problem with Rush is that he's imagining that there's this HUGE base of conservatives who are making an intentional point not to vote. And I don't think that's really the case.  I think what is more likely the case are conservatives who are really not into politics very much and are just not motivated enough to go out to vote.  The most I'd see impassioned conservatives doing would be voting for a libertarian or something.

In other words, Rush's entire position is a strawman argument and THAT is what pisses me off.  He has set up this strawman argument and knocked it down and taken a bow.