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So much spam....
Published on November 21, 2003 By Draginol In Misc

Is penis size really that big of a problem?

Each day, I get around 600 to 800 email. About 400 to 600 of it is spam that gets filtered. But I swear, about half of it is email providing solutions to penis size. Things brings up two questions:

1) Is there really that big of a market for penis enlargement?


2) How did they know?


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on Nov 21, 2003
nice, at least someone is following my advice on blogging! hehe
on Nov 21, 2003
I agree. I'm a woman, so how they think that I even care about penis size is a wonder to me. When you add them to the spam list, they just invent another email address and keep going and going.
on Nov 21, 2003
They are just trying to profit off of men who are not confident their size.
on Nov 21, 2003
*not confident in their size.
on Nov 21, 2003
that was funny
i hadnt laughed all day
on Nov 21, 2003
Maybe they had a look at their own penises, the spammers. And because of that concluded that all other men had small penises as well...
on Nov 21, 2003
hah! Good one Draginol! I know what you mean by the amount of emails!\
on Nov 21, 2003
Considering that I don't have a penis.......

It's just amazing the stuff that they send out. The scary thing is- they must actually have *somebody* who responds, or they wouldn't keep emailing.....
on Nov 21, 2003
Hey Draginol, perhaps you'd be interested in the last spam I got! (In comparison, I get /maybe/ 1 or 2 every other month - but I'm not complaining.)

It turns out that I can increase -my- breast size! NATURALLY! I admit.... I'm intrigued... ^_~
on Nov 21, 2003
Indeed, apparently I need to increase my breast size too.
on Nov 21, 2003
I was told that all of those penis-type emails don't start coming in until you visit those smut sites on the net. Where've YOU been???
on Nov 21, 2003
I heard on the radio that there was a drawing or something for a free penis enlargement online, and i guess over 3000 people registered within a matter of an hour! so maybe there is a big market.
on Nov 21, 2003
or wait, was in within a few hours? not sure, but just imagine the lineup a free penis enlargement would get, it would be funny.
on Nov 21, 2003
The reason why it's worth it is because these company sell these useless products for like $50-100/bottle. The distributors cost for these miracle cures is something like $3-5/bottle. So, they tell spammers that they'll give them $25-50 per referral. So, if these spammers send out 100,000 e-mail and like 1,000 (or 1%) responds, that dude has made $25,000-50,000 for just sitting at their computer and clicking.
on Nov 21, 2003
This stuff really works as this countries' leaders testify:
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