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So much spam....
Published on November 21, 2003 By Draginol In Misc

Is penis size really that big of a problem?

Each day, I get around 600 to 800 email. About 400 to 600 of it is spam that gets filtered. But I swear, about half of it is email providing solutions to penis size. Things brings up two questions:

1) Is there really that big of a market for penis enlargement?


2) How did they know?


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on Nov 21, 2003
I get a lot of that spam and of hot girls that want to date me. I don't have a penis and I'm not a lesbian so they are barking up the wrong tree
on Nov 22, 2003
OMG penis rage!!!!! lmao
on Nov 22, 2003
I wonder if a "do not e-mail list" similar to the "do not call list" would help reduce spam?
on Nov 22, 2003
I've seen some stats on these sorts of things and I'd have to say the reason these people do it is because there is BIIIGGGG money in products to, as was stated in an earlier post, help men who are insecure in their manhood..

Tech Cat,
I don't really think that would work because the people who are sending these messages use every trick in the book to forge the headers in the messages they send so tracing them would be difficult at best.

Anyway, thanks for the great laugh Draginol!!
on Nov 23, 2003
Well, Tech Cat, the current anti-spam legislation that's passed congress gives the FCC the authority to implement a "Do Not Email" registry much like the national do not call list.

Unfortunately, it's a complete disaster in every other aspect of it - giving /way/ too many concessions to the marketers (such as making it impossible for anybody to actually -sue- a company.)

I'm pretty sore about this new law though - it also manages to give a direct slap in the face to each state, again, to the delight of marketers. It -specifically- takes away any state's right to pass or enforce their own anti-spam laws - so the new anti-spam law passed in California that a lot of people seem to like? It will be null and void if the new federal law goes into effect, and it (the federal one,) is a law with no teeth.

Nice bipartisan show of support for taking away states' rights!
on Nov 23, 2003
I need to edit myself. It authorizes the /FTC/ to establish a no-email list - not the FCC.
on Nov 23, 2003
Good one Draginol!

and i thought 80-100 spams per day was a lot...
on Nov 27, 2003
LOL I get a whole bunch of those too: so much for TARGET mailouts.
Great chuckle.
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