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Giving your kids your toys
Published on May 7, 2004 By Draginol In Home & Family

One of the benefits of having been an only child is that there was always room to store all my stuff and I had no siblings to break them.

I always told my mom that one day I'd give my children my toys. Well, sure enough I did.

Here's Ryan with my matchbox cars all lined up.

on May 07, 2004

He's got himself a real gridlock going on, doesn't he!

You kept your toys from when you were a kid?


on May 07, 2004
That's something my kid does, lines up cars. The occupational therapist was a little concerned as it's not the typical use for cars, ie driving them around. Somtimes it's an indicator of a kid with developmental issues. Just a thought
on May 08, 2004
I think you are smearing Ryan 2002 with the label of a potential psychopath. Forshame. Hopefully Brad will raise his boy like I have raised my son and heir Edward, into a ruthless businessman.