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And if so, why?
Published on May 31, 2007 By Draginol In Politics

With the immigration bill fiasco looming (does he understand what he would be signing?) one has to wonder, does anyone support Bush?

Democrats already loathe the man.  Conservatives have no use for him and his incompotence. 

So I'm genuinely curious, is anyone here actually approve of the job Bush is currently doing and if so, why?

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on Jun 04, 2007
Gideon -- I don't see a lot of evidence that Bush is intentionally trying to undermine the Constitution. It seems like the damage he does is really from not understanding anything about the Constitution except free speech and the vote -- separation of powers, freedom of the press, federalism. Compare Bush to Dick Cheney, who does seem to be intentionally trying to undermine the Constitution at times. Cheney leaves fingerprints all over the place -- his people pressure the Justice Department for legal briefs, he personally lobbies Congress for the no-habeas-corpus bill, his memos from twenty years back talk about prosecuting reporters and taking power from Congress. Bush should be leaving similar markers of intentional action if he were actively trying to take us toward an imperial Presidency. Instead I see him as someone who just has no idea what a constitutional republic is about, and runs it like some kind of political team sport.
on Jun 05, 2007
I both don't like him and am glad we got him rather than the alternatives. It's a bummer.

It's like FDR - great on WWII, but probably did the most damage to the constitution of any President in the modern era, with the relentless federalisation of everything and anything...
on Jun 05, 2007
your giving to much credit to the republicans and not enough to the democrats

Yeah, because I'm a known DNC shill (rolls eyes).

I addressed the GOP because this article was ABOUT the GOP.

Are you related to Lucas by any chance?
on Jun 06, 2007
NO! I absolutley hate George W. Bush... he is a disgrace to this GREAT nation
on Jun 06, 2007

After reading "Confessions of an economic hitman" it will be easy to see in the future that Bush attempted a failed pre-planned regime change in Iraq for nothing more than monetary purposes.

Yes I never liked him and never will.
on Jun 08, 2007
I still like President Bush as a man, but I disagree with him on many issues. There is no incoming candidate who I agree with on everything. The only ones I dislike as people are the ones who try to inspire hatred of their opponents by villifying them or implying they are retarded.

It is really dissappointing to see the loathing of political figures on both sides. I think that if President Bush said that the sky was blue, his detractors would say it wasn't and then call him some names. The same is true for the candidates like Hillary Clinton. She will never be given credit by the right for an approach to the Iraq conflict which has been much more sober than her Democratic rivals. Centrists, like President Bush, John McCain, Rudy Julliani and Senator Clinton, are villified by both sides and become polarizing. Clinton had to move left to, at least, try to save one constituency. It will be interesting to watch her move to the right after she gets the Democratic nod.

The President gets no love for all the liberal things he pursues because the left can't get over their hatred. The conservatives are leaving him in droves because he is too liberal on immigration, foreign aid, prescription drugs, and now, global warming. The left hates too much to give him credit for anything.

Our form of government will not work if we can't disagree and argue with a man but still respect him as a man. He is not an idiot and he is not a god. He is a man, just like any of us. He is way more successful than most of us, and there really aren't that many Forest Gumps in the world. Who among you could meet the standard being set for these politicians? I think no one.