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The closing days of summer are upon us...
Published on September 15, 2003 By Draginol In Blogging
The nights are getting cooler. The days shorter. The trees are starting to show some color. Summer is almost over.

Lots of people say they like the Fall. They think it's a ball. But not me. In the Fall I just don't feel free.

Just another month. Just a little more time. I just want to run a bit more in the sun. Then I would really feel fine.

I had wanted to go on a holiday. A trip, a jaunt, some time for fun. Just a little more time to be in the sun. Take me back to May.

Summer is almost over. Another year has passed. A time that I'll never recover. The nights are getting cooler.
on Sep 15, 2003
I REALLY enjoyed your "Summer! Come back Summer! I didn't mean it!". Just goes to show that one mustn't put off enjoying the lovely days while they're there - and WINTER is right behind fall - yuk!
on Sep 15, 2003
I'm all for Fall at this point myself. Summer in New Jersey is humid as hell and often smelly. Spring and Fall are the best times around here, unfortunately they usually only last about 4 weeks.
on Sep 15, 2003
Boo karmagirl!
on Sep 15, 2003
I say: "BRING ON THE FALL!" I like the fall better than summer.
on Sep 16, 2003
Who's up for another round of Summer? Me, me, me! Pick me! Pick me!
on Sep 16, 2003
Yeah, considering I'm moving to Colorado from California...I am NOT looking forward to fall or winter. I'll take 100 degree weather any time of the year.
on Sep 16, 2003
Yep, just about the time to transition operations to the St. Thomas or New Zealand offices. What do you mean we don't have offices there? How can I be working tomorrow today?
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