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Yea, we should be wearing veils..
Published on July 7, 2007 By Draginol In Beekeeping

To say my boys are comfortable around bees is an understatement.  It probably helps that they are largely immune to them.

My youngest son got a good lesson on the difference between domesticated bees and feral bees (and a healthier respect of bees in general) after getting stung by a feral bee (after the pic of the bee on his ear).  He had gotten into the habit of picking up worker bees (which can sting) and letting them crawl on him.  Our bees are pretty docile but he tried to do it with a random feral bee (darker colored bee) and it immediately stung him on his hand. So I don't think he'll be picking up bees (feral or otherwise) again which is a good thing.

None of us have gotten stung from our bees and as the hives get larger and more protective, we'll have to start wearing veils more around them.  I always smoke the bees if I'm opening them up to keep them calm.

on Jul 09, 2007
I dont know about not picking them up again.  I was stung many times as a boy, and that did not seem to make me fear them (hornets yes, Bees - nah!)
on Jul 09, 2007
I used to practice that age old summer tradition of "catching bees". However, after getting stung and having a foot so big I couldn't wear shoes for a week or so... I decided it's better to catch fish. ;~D

btw, your hive is growing, but what have you read about the disappearing bee population in the US and Europe?
on Jul 09, 2007
My neighbor makes the bee hive things..the white boxes. My sons are watching him put some together this week.

The cabin is looking good too!
on Jul 10, 2007
How wonderful Draginol! Thank you both for sharing your pictures and this work! Be well.
on Jul 10, 2007
Very cool, but I would probably be too scared of being stung holding all of them like that.
on Aug 07, 2007
btw, your hive is growing, but what have you read about the disappearing bee population in the US and Europe?

didn't hear about europe. but in the us it is the ferol bees. which is being attacked by a mite. the government hasn't been able to stop it. of course the green people should be happy because the honeybee is not native to america.

it seems the domestic isn't in trouble.
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