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The truth is out there, unfortunately for Moore
Published on September 15, 2003 By Draginol In Politics

Believe it or not, there is an entire website dedicated to debunking Michael Moore. Even more unbelievable, I am very glad it exists.

Michael Moore is the master of plausible falsehoods. When you read one of his books or watch one of his "documentaries", you are left with the impression of "Well, I may not agree with his politics but he makes some good points..."

Except he doesn't because he twists, exaggerates or outright fabricates his "facts". There's usually just enough truth in there to make his lie believable.

Michael Moore's works have something in common with another Moore -- Demi Moore.  Demi Moore started in the 1988 move "The Seventh Sign" The movie got a low rating on IMDB but while you're actually watching it, the story is quite compelling. The story is about 7 signs that occur before the end of the world. In it, the well of souls, the "Guff" (or something like that), has to be refilled. Various bible passages are read from that establish the guff and how it needs to be filled. It talks about how the end of the world would come with the birth of the first child without a soul.

It's all quite chilling. I remember thinking, "Wow, the bible has all this?" When I got home, I looked into it and it turned out it was complete bullshit. They just made it all up to make the story more compelling. But while watching it I I was enthralled.

Moore's books such as "Stupid White Men" and his documentary such as "Bowling for Columbine" are a lot like that. When you read them or watch them, you think "Wow, I never knew that." His arguments are quite compelling to those ignorant on the facts. Liars always have a significant advantage because they are not bound by the truth.

He also is a master of putting his opponents in the no-win situation.  For example, he has argued at various times on how the Bush Administration brought 9/11 on us by paying for the training of people who would end up flying jetliners into the WTC. At first though you think, "Hey yea, those stupid CIA bozos trained these guys and now they're attacking us!" 

But think about that for a minute. What really happened? The United States funded the rebels in Afghanistan who were fighting the Soviet Union. Oh shame on us.  But why stop there? After all, for much of the cold war the Soviet military machine ran on American trucks supplied to them during World War II. Many wore uniforms made in the USA.  Or go even further back and point out that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor with planes manufactured with iron from the United States and were powered with fuel from the United States.

Essentially if you are cynical and dishonest enough, you can always find some sort of "irony" in any situation.  What would Moore and his ilk suggest? Do nothing? Remain paralyzed out of fear that some action may in some distant and obscure way come back to haunt us? Oh no, that food to Somalia was stolen by warlords and used to fund terrorists! Don't send food. Sheesh.

Moore is a creation of the media. He happened to hit on something at the right time and his lack of principles in truth telling have enabled him to build up an impressive resume.  Luckily for us, the Internet is full of people who are willing to put time and effort to fight back with facts.  There is another site called Michael Moore Hates America to go along with MooreWatch. What's really interesting is just how wrong Moore gets it. Whether that be the statistical reasons why there is so much gun violence in the United States to why economic differences exist in society, Moore gets it wrong and there are people to set the record straight.

Gotta love the net!

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on Jun 09, 2004
>>I point out that the US was the #1 humanitarian aid provider to Afghanistan<<

The reason, why US was, is probably sufficient for the Al Queda to drop those bombs, according to them.
on Sep 10, 2004
Check out this article about the Michael Moore Hates America movie

The article is enlightening, to say the least!

on Sep 01, 2005
if michael moore is part of the ira then why was he against the gun shootings of kayla rolland and at the highschool
on Oct 12, 2005
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