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Published on December 23, 2007 By Draginol In Entertainment

I always plan to do little reviews on the books I read.  Unfortunately, time usually prevents me and still prevents me.  I tend to read a lot of magazines (US News and World Report, Games for Windows, PC Gamer, eWeek, Information Week, Entertainment Weekly even) and of course masses of on-line stuff.

But at night, when I'm starting to wind down, I like to read books. In a given week I'll typically read about 2 books. When things at work aren't stressful, I'll read closer to 3 depending on the size of the book.

Here's a picture of the nightstand in our room from tonight (my wife wants to straighten up for Christmas company):


Some of this I've read before and am just reading for comfort (Dune books, Watchmen, Feist).

I just finished reading Ann Coulter's new book. I'm struggling through "Power to the People" by Laura Ingraham. Her writing style is just not entertaining even though she's probably my favorite TV commentator (though Michelle Malkin is right up there).

The book "How Things Works" sucks and was a big disappointment. 

I just started the books on the bottom shelf this past week. I'm thinking of holding off on The World is Flat for my CES trip as it looks very entertaining and might make a good inflight book.

Right now, I'm in a holding pattern to see if anyone got me any books for Christmas (I usually don't get any books for Christmas ironically) and then will go on a mini spree to stock up for the next couple of months. There's a new Star Wars novel (Fury I think it is). There's also a longevity book I want to get.

I'll try to post these pictures every couple of months going forward if people are interested.

on Dec 24, 2007
looks like you need a good bookshelf.
on Dec 24, 2007
I like to read too but I'm not as prolific as you are.  So what was your favorite book you read this year?  Mine was probably Life of Pi.  It's one that I kept thinking about.