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Published on January 13, 2008 By Draginol In Real-Time

Sins of a Solar Empire is shaping up nicely. An RTS with turn-based level depth that allows users to manage huge empires in real-time without getting bogged down in micro management.

Here are some screenshots from today's play.


Each race gets its own technology tree. Tech trees are a feature from 4X strategy games. RTS's usually don't have them.  To keep micro management down, the techs have a cost associated with them but also require a certain number of labs to be built in your planets.

Building orbital labs requires logistics points which are finite per planet. So choosing to build an orbital lab means not building something else.


The scale of the game is what I find amazing. This is a small map. And if you're playing multiplayer, it lasts probably an hour or so depending on your speed settings.

But you could, literally, play the game in this view zoomed out. That's what makes Sins so amazing as a strategy game.  You can, if you want, zoom in and direct each and every ship on the map and watch them battle it out or zoom out and manage your empire here -- or at any zoom level in between.

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on Jan 14, 2008
I'm really looking forward to this game... I always liked the idea of RTS, but haven't seen much of an RTS l liked to play. (with the exception of Supreme Commander, maybe)
Most so-called RTS are just to much Real-Time and to little strategy for my taste. To much about clicking fast and to little about coming up with good strategies.
Sins of a Solar Empire could be the game I've been waiting for... I am still a bit skeptical how it will turn out, but after GalCiv I+II I think Stardock could be among the few who could really manage to get it right, especially since you don't seem to be bound to the 'stick to the old formula'-mindsets which the big game companys seem to follow...

(Ah, and another Hooray! for DRM-free online purchase! )
on Jan 14, 2008
For some reason that looks totally different than my version...
on Jan 14, 2008
So far I have really enjoyed the beta of SoaSE (recognizing it is a beta) and am very hopeful the final game will turn out to be as terrific as GCII and its iterations (including TA, which also is looking great!)   
on Jan 14, 2008
You know, Stardock might actually become the sole reason for me to finally get a credit card of my own (haven't got any use for it other than SD purchases...).
on Jan 14, 2008
Makes me wonder what version he is playing, mine doesn't look like that either...
on Jan 14, 2008
Brad's playing the near-final version of the game. It's radically different than the Beta version that's available to pre-order folk.
on Jan 14, 2008
I am also looking forward to this game, and have been for quite awhile. I can't wait to sink my teeth into the tactical combat.
on Jan 14, 2008

Brad's playing the near-final version of the game. It's radically different than the Beta version that's available to pre-order folk.

Sure tease us like a school girl.
on Jan 15, 2008
Yes this is very innovative game. You can play it zoomed out which I really like. It also is very nice Multiplayer game, especially for teams. I have preordered long time ago, and now I'm just waiting for the release.
on Jan 15, 2008
Can the final release of this game be played solo, or is it supposed to be multiplayer only?
on Jan 15, 2008
Nope, it's both single and multiplayer.
on Jan 15, 2008
We tested (cough* played *cough) an internal build yesterday at the office.  It was my first experience with the game, and I gotta say, it was a lot of fun (thanks to some initial tips by Yarlen).  Our setup was an 8 person map, playing 4 on 4 teams.  Cari, CodeCritter, another coworker, and I; versus Brad, Mittens, and two other coworkers.  It was a blast, even though my team lost.

Maybe we'll do some overtime today and "test" it some more.  

on Jan 15, 2008
That's a nasty cough you got there.

Might have to stay home and take care of it.

While you're at home, might as well get some WAN connectivity testing in..

on Jan 16, 2008
You know, that does it.

I can't preorder (when will preorder be available for PayPal?), but I'm buying this game as soon as it's released. Stardock has enough of a good record for me that I'm willing to forego playing a demo first - even if it's an RTS game.
on Jan 16, 2008

Pre-orders won't be available via PayPal for a long time, if ever. You'll be able to order it using PayPal when it's released early next month, though.

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