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Published on January 14, 2008 By Draginol In Blogging


Constant CPU and hardweare usage even when just sitting there.

on Jan 15, 2008
Are you sure its not another program (s) causing this condition, my Vista has been steady. There are some awful security suites like Norton and Trend Micro which cause erratic CPU behavior
on Jan 15, 2008
Code bloat.
on Jan 15, 2008
Vista does keep the system drive busy. The cpu should stay fairly quiet with nothing running. When I first installed Vista I thought this OS is going burn through HD’s like mad. Between indexing and it parking the drives on a restart (which I always understood starting the HD up while the platters were still spinning down to be bad) I figured I would need lots of spares and frequent backups if I wanted to stay up and running smoothly.

I’m running the SP1 RC1, 64bit ultimate, and it seems to stay fairly quiet now. Even when it’s not, it drops whatever it’s doing fast enough that I don’t notice any performance lag.