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Published on January 15, 2008 By Draginol In Blogging

WindowBlinds 6.02 is now available for download at

WindowBlinds is a program that allows users of Windows XP or Windows Vista to change the visual style of the entire Windows GUI (task bar, Start menu, window frames, push buttons, scroll bars, you name it).

Since October, when WindowBlinds 6 was first released, we have seen our biggest increase in the number of WindowBlinds users ever.  WindowBlinds 6 added native Windows Vista skinning (including Internet Explorer 7 skinning) to the program as well as gave Windows XP users the ability to have blurred glass.

Here's Windows XP with WindowBlinds 6 using the Aero Diamond visual style:

image image
Windows XP on left and Windows Vista on the right skinned by WindowBlinds

WindowBlinds 6.02 is a maintenance release that mostly improves performance, adds support for MyColors themes, and fixes some bugs.




wb-jan08a wb-jan08

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