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Quick review of new features on iPhone and iPod Touch
Published on January 15, 2008 By Draginol In

So I put down the $20 for the iPod Touch updates.

Here is my 5 minute review:

New features:

  • Mail. Supports Google, Yahoo, .Mac, and AOL.  Also supports POP and IMAP with impressive auto detection (better than Outlook's).  Features are fairly rudimentary but for getting mail on the road it's very good .Overall: 9 out of 10
  • Maps. Somehow using various WiFi routers in the area it can get a reasonably good location.  So how good was it? OH MY GOD IT WAS GOOD. It located me within 100 feet. It's about as good as my GPS. Of course, you need to have Wifi near by so it's not a replacement for GPS but for $20, you now have a portable near-GPS device. Overall: 10/10.
  • Stocks. Nothing big here. This is just a gadget.
  • Weather. A very nicely done weather gadget that automatically shows a 5 day forecast.
  • Notes. This is a surprisingly useful addition to the iPod Touch.  Last night, I remembered a feature I wanted to mention to be added to Sins of a Solar Empire. I knew I wouldn't remember it and it was 4am.  So I went down stairs and emailed it.  But I always keep my iPod nearby (I surf the web from bed, yes I'm a geek).  If I had had this feature last night, I would have used it.

So there you have it.

Is it worth $20?  It was to me.  But I don't based my purchasing on emotional needs or principle ("wah, it's not fair, I shouldn't have to pay"). I base it as to whether it's worth $20 to me.  And the answer is, yes.  The map feature is surprisingly good and the really well designed mail handling is worth it.

Update: Found the Advanced options in POP, email works quite well.

on Jan 16, 2008
I was a bit skeptical of the Locate Me feature.....until I tried it! It located my iPhone down to a couple hundred feet as well, and this is something that will come in very handy.
on Jan 17, 2008
Does the updated email client consolidate multiple email accounts into a single view the way the Blackberry does? Just curious. My son has been using an iPod Touch for awhile now & loves the thing, but still uses his Blackberry Pearl for email for that reason.
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