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Pictures and more pictures
Published on July 10, 2004 By Draginol In Home & Family

We went to South Padre Island on vacation for a week. It was a great time!

Here's the hotel we stayed at.

Ryan and I in the pool.

Ryan on the beech collecting shells.

We caught a lot of sand crabs at night.  We'd just catch them and then let them go once we finished.  We caught 34 in one evening without even trying very hard. The kids loved it.

Debbie, Ryan and Alex trying to smile into the sun.

The boys sleeping.

on Jul 10, 2004
Looks like a fun time! Your boys are adorable, the one of them sleeping is precious!
on Jul 11, 2004
the one of them sleeping is precious!


A little off-topic, but does the server(s) hosting JoeUser perform a backup around 2:00 AM Eastern?
on Jul 11, 2004
My friend went there last year and she said it was so beautiful, and at night if you looked at the water, it was like staring into diamonds. Your kids are so cute!
on Jul 11, 2004

You have a wonderful family and much to be thankful for

a side note: where on the site can I find info on how to post picture in my blogs?
on Jul 11, 2004
You look remarkably like J.R. Ewing from the old TV show Dallas.
on Jul 11, 2004

how to post picture in my blogs?

look in Imajinit's blog for the best article on the subject.