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It's all coming together...
Published on July 14, 2004 By Draginol In Blogging

As heads towards being officially launched (probably in late August) I wanted to give you a preview of what's going on:

  • Blog Navigator and Blog Navigator Pro.  We're going to make Blog Navigator Freeware and then create a Blog Navigator Pro (anyone who bought the regular one will automatically get the Pro version). 
  • Blog Navigator Pro. This program has all the features of Blog Navigator plus some extras (more search capabilities for example) along with the ability to post your own blogs. This is, IMO, a killer feature. I was playing with that in a beta last night. It makes it as easy (and fast) to write your own blog as it is to write it up in say Microsoft Word and press the save button.  Formatting and all that good stuff is built in.
  • Premium Accounts. Premium accounts will cost $19.95 plus $2.99 per month (as you'll get Blog Navigator Pro with it).  This will give you 10MB of disk space, blog backup features (i.e. easily download your blog for archiving or for sending it out to other people via email and such). Another side issue is that additional options become available for admins which I'll talk about below.
  • Isolate Feature. Right now, if someone is really antagonizing one of the admins, our options are limited.  We're not willing to have to deal with someone who's being obnoxious to us on a personal levle but we don't want to kick them off the site.  If they're a premium user, the isolate feature comes up which would contain that user to their own blog.  We don't expect to use that much (we've only banned 4 users in the entire time has existed so far) but it's still comforting.
  • Suppress User. If your'e a premium user, we'll eventually have the option for you to able to make a user go away. I.e. if User X is really getting on your nerves, you will be add them to a suppress list and you simply won't see their stuff anymore.  We can't add this in the free version as it takes considerable CPU bandwidth to actually do this so we wouldn't want millions of users having this unless we had millions of dollars to pay for additonal machines!
  • More Templates. Once we have's v4 done, we hope to apply some of the technology here to have a lot more choices for how your blog looks and feels.
  • .NET updates.  We hope to upgrade key parts of JoeUser to .NET where we can make use of its hypercaching which should greatly improve apparent speed.
  • Referral Leaderboard. We hope to soon have a feature that will show which bloggers have the most sites linking into them. One measure of general public awareness is how many sites link to your site as a source of information. The more sites that do that, the more widely read your site is.

Stay tuned! Have fun!

on Jul 14, 2004
Just checking... Us poor sods who can still hang around for free, right? Will much change for us?
on Jul 14, 2004
Sounds like some nice features.
on Jul 14, 2004
Floozie, nothing much changes for free users so you're fine. It's still free. Though the site will hopefully get faster.
on Jul 14, 2004
I can't wait. Love the supress feature even if I only want it for 2 people.
on Jul 14, 2004
hey brad...

maybe you can make the suppress feature a little disintegrator pistol (with a Marvin the Martian like icon) zapping a selected icon of said user....hehehe...that'd make it so fun.

Seriously, though...the added options make it probable that once we can afford it we'll upgrade. Me likes. Me likes veddy much.
on Jul 14, 2004


That is what I wanted from JoeUser for a while. Its only mising one thing:
The ability to have more than on Blog group.

Having too many would degrade the site if its from one person, so a limit of 4 is ok.

Now I can have more Blog Groups so I can do what I really (and I mean REALLY) want to do.

By the way, saving you blog to your computer is the best, then uploading the blog (or blogs) to another blog of yours is better.

This is great Frogboy, GREAT!!!!
on Jul 14, 2004

feature a little disintegrator pistol

Some times I make that same sound in my head when I distro a "trolling" rating

on Jul 14, 2004
One more feature...

Now Blog Navigator helps you to design your blog!!! Its like SkinStudio but for your blog! This section for here, that section for there and now you have your new blog design!!!

come one, think about it.... skin your blog... connect it to Wincustomize... think.... yeah that's it, just a little more.... GREAT! I am glad your going to do it. Good job.

on Jul 14, 2004

you to design your blog!!!


That would be a welcome addition too.

on Jul 14, 2004
Joe: Irony moment: Blog Navigator is being written by the same lead as SkinStudio!