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Published on August 4, 2004 By Draginol In Pets & Nature

It's really odd having a turtle that is older than you.  Cuddles, the family turtle, is around 50 years old now. I got him when I was a teenager and here, now at 33, we still have him.

I've read that box turtles can live a century, so who knows, my kids may one day be fighting over Cuddles.

on Aug 04, 2004
.....I love the name Cuddles for a turtle. It's amazing that he's 50 already, wow....I have a painted turtle....but it's probably maybe a year or two old....Well, good luck with the little guy....

on Aug 05, 2004
Wow, that is really neat!
on Aug 06, 2004

i hope its a female altho ive named some box turtles fluffy and spot.  (red eyes = male...brown = female) 

theyre doing some interesting research into aging using turtles and fish.  aquatic turtles and some fish continue to grow and remain capable of mating successfully without experiencing the kind of cell deterioration common to other vertebrates on the terminal end of lifespan.