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The untold dangers of balloon whacking
Published on September 20, 2004 By Draginol In Home & Family

It appears I've broken my foot. I just got back from the hospital and have it all wrapped up. I have to go later this week to a specialist to determine precisely what they deal is. Right now, it's just so swollen that it's hard to tell exactly what the deal is.

So how did I injure it? Football or some other sport? Nope.  Working on the house? Nope. 

I broke my foot hitting a balloon. My 4 year old son and I were hitting a little white balloon we had in the house attempting to see how high we could make it go towards the ceiling (we have a 20+ foot ceiling in the living room).  I jumped higher and higher so that I could hit the balloon to make it go higher and higher.  I jumped and jumped until I finally came down onto the television and fell badly.

After the initial pain came the realiziation -- I'm going to have to explain to people that I broke my foot playing with a balloon. An ordinary little balloon.

So for you kids out there, remember, balloons are dangerous. They should only be played with by trained professionals.

on Sep 20, 2004

You dufus!!! You are the first and will probably be the only person I know who has managed to break a bone playing with a balloon.  This is really quite something, you know?  Wow.  And I thought I was accident prone....

on Sep 20, 2004
Oh crap Brad,
I thought this would be a funny one, but it is just sad!
I am laughing with you though.
on Sep 20, 2004
How's your television?

I broke my foot (5th metarsal in 3 places) skipping down a street singing "we're off to see the wizard" (but we replaced the words with other words)

This doesn't story surprise me
on Sep 20, 2004

I told you that big screen TV's are dangerous!  Pair those with balloons and you have an tragedy waiting to happen!

This has to be one of the strangest accidents ever.........

Of course, I think the broken foot plague is going around considering that my Dad broke his foot just a couple weeks ago when he stepped wrong on my deck trying to get my dogs to come inside.  I wonder who is next????????

on Sep 20, 2004

*makes mental note to avoid balloons and ballon-related things like the plague for the next few days*...

on Sep 21, 2004
How's the tv?
on Sep 21, 2004
I know I shouldn't laugh. I'm doing my best, honest.

I hope it's nothing major and that you'll feel better soon mate. Next time around, leave the balloons to kids, there's a reason why they're for their amusement and not ours
on Sep 21, 2004
I commiserate with your foot; I broke my foot (fifth distal metatarsal--the bone right before the actual small toe) catching a frisbee (with my hands; I jumped to catch it and landed badly). Spent 7 weeks on crutches and about another 7 on one crutch.

I tell ya, being on crutches makes it damn tough to carry things! I had to get the waitstaff at McDonald's to carry my tray to a table for me.
on Sep 21, 2004

I hope you're feeling better soon, but in the meantime, cheer up! You're going to be telling this story over a few beers for years, and it'll get funnier with age ...

on Sep 21, 2004
I don't know if I should be happy to read about a father playing with his son or make fun of you for breaking your foot from playing with a balloon.

Either way, get better Draginol.
on Sep 21, 2004
Did the baloon pop?
on Nov 01, 2004
remember, balloons are dangerous. They should only be played with by trained professionals

Now that's insightful. Take it from someone who once chipped a tooth while eating a banana.
on Nov 01, 2004
You definetely have an excuse as to why you don't want to play football with your son whe he is a teenager.....could you imagine the damage THAT could do to you?

Don't feel too bad, my dad broke his shoulder and arm while swinging.....of course, he didn't break it till he did a backflip out of the swing, but it was still hard to explain to his 1SG!