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First debate results
Published on September 30, 2004 By Draginol In Politics

With the first debate over, I think it was pretty clear that Kerry gained more than Bush.  Neither scored any knock out blows on the other and the # of memorable sound bites is going to be minimal. But overall, Kerry did what he needed to do.

Expect to see the polls narrow considerably.

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on Sep 30, 2004


While it's still early to see the responses, you are the first conservative I've heard give the debate to Kerry (I thought it clearly went to Kerry myself). I appreciate your objectivity in your analysis.

on Sep 30, 2004
I too, am impressed. I have to give you credit, you call them as you see them.

Haven't noticed much of that lately.
on Oct 01, 2004

As a recent Veteran, and Independent voter, I thought the entire debate was garbage. But even as a Bush-spiter, I definitely believe Kerry lost...significantly. He has no platform, no agenda, no reconciliation, and he has little support from the 'Allies' he claims that he will bring together in, quote, "four years". If you believe that agenda, then I might as well tell you that MTV is the source for all of your current events. Honestly, how can you post a 'victory' article on a blog, and not back it up?

Getting back to Bush, even though he is a cheat and a liar, as well as a profiteer, at least he is consistent. Kerry can't make up his mind on which day he is a cheat, a liar, or a profiteer. And nobody, so far, has mentioned that this debate shouldn't have been limited to the dual Republicrats. Where's Cobb? Nader? I can bet you my social security check in 2060 that either one of them would have posed some debate-turning questions, not to mention run circles around the media puppets that have been dubbed "Kerry" and "Bush".

By the way, if you were watching, you should have caught the double-standards that Kerry got caught in, just like clockwork. Unfortunately, Bush didn't catch them (what a surprise). Pardon the cynical overture of this comment... I'm simply disgusted by the debate, or Platonic lack thereof. If you would like to see my own reaction in detail, look at "Liar, Liar, Debate's On Fire". I'd love constructive criticism. At least I give you credit for watching the debate and thinking about it critically.
on Oct 01, 2004
I think Kerry did the best job speaking and presenting his view that I have seen yet. I was glad to see that they did not get down and dirty with character assasination but were able to stay on the issues. I just love how after the debate both sides claim victory but I have to give this one to Kerry. I am interested in seeing the domestic policy debate. Best quote of the night was "you can be certain but still be wrong". Bush absolutely thinks he did the right thing going to Iraq and he is not ever going to back down from that point of view.
on Oct 01, 2004
i couldnt disagree more. i think Kerry looked like a complete fool constantly contradicting himself and leaving small innacurate statements with every topic. An example would be spending 200 billion because we were alone (later admitting we werent really alone), or spending 200 billion at home if we werent alone. I guess if you have friends the war is free. I think he does it on purpose too, to weight his arguments, Bush on the other hand was like a small child up there, he couldnt keep his trap shut, and even when he was quiet the facial expressions were dead giveaways for everything he was thinking.

im against the war, but im against kerry more. i like bush for one reason, because his decisions always seem heartfelt and he seems to really be proud of his country. id rather have a whacko make the wrong decision for the right reasons than a wrong decision for the wrong reasons (yes im aware of the analogies of historical tyrants etc). this election, for me, really is voting against a candidate, not for one.
on Oct 01, 2004
"Unfortunately, Bush didn't catch them (what a surprise)."

I think he caught them. As I stated in my own article, I think Bush was muzzled and confined to a set of redundant talking points. It is a shame. The things that made him a good debate opponent seem to have been too dangerous for them to let him use. If I could see Kerry's jugular thumping on a couple of occasions, I know Bush could, and frankly those were the main times he faltered, and slid back to empty catch phrases. It was as though they said "Hey, when you feel the urge to tear into him, just take a deep breath and quote this bumper sticker...".

on Oct 01, 2004
Kerry is clearly a better speaker than Bush which was obvious in this first debate and common knowledge for quite some time now. Good public speaking skills and a bottle of tanning cream can do a lot for you these days. I'll give Kerry credit - he can sell ice to eskimo's. Unfortunately for Kerry, I am not an eskimo and my memory is still sharp. The polls may narrow a bit but I wouldn't go so far as to say considerably.

I could be wrong.........oh those vanity voters
on Oct 01, 2004
No Bush fan myself but I thought he won the debate. Maybe I was expecting such ineptitude from him that I'm over-impressed by mere competence.
on Oct 01, 2004
What I find shocking is how many people are crediting Bush with a debate win, here and in other places. I'm with you, Draginol, Kerry definitely scored a debate win here. I think a lot of people, however, simply credited Bush with a "win" because they didn't believe or like what Kerry said. I think that's a shame, because people simply aren't listening to what the candidates have to say - either of them. They've made up their minds, and are sticking to their decisions regardless of what comes along. I don't think any educated person could legitimately claim that Bush actually debated well tonight. He may have said things that certain people wanted to hear, but that does not equal a good debate.

I posted on my own blog, and I'll repeat here. Before this debate, I was planning to vote against Bush. After it, I'm planning to vote for Kerry. No real substantive change, but there it is.
on Oct 01, 2004
I'm not a huge fan of either canidate and think it's pretty sad that these two are the best that our country can produce. That being said, I think that in terms of debate, Kerry was clearly far more articulate and was much less defensive than Bush. Not to say that I believe or agree with everything Kerry had to say but he definately took control of the debate early and Bush was much more on the defensive than I have ever seen him. IMO, whoever get 's elected in November is going to have one hell of a mess to deal with over the next four years.. Maybe all Republicans should vote for Kerry and all Democrats should vote for Bush. hmmm..... I think the real question is where the corporate and special interest lobby group money ends up to secure the oil.
on Oct 01, 2004
First off I'd like to say, I've been reading the stuff on here for about a month now and finally signed up so I could respond. I think the majority of you are very intelligent and make some great points regardless what side of the political spectrum your on. I really believe that every time I come on here I leave knowing more than I knew when I came on.

Now as far as the debates go I think I have a unique perspective on the debates. Everyone on the news talks about style points, facial expressions, mannerisms, ect. I was only able to hear it on the radio so "style points" don't enter into the equation for me. I think they both did about the same. They got in their shots and they both made mistakes. I think bush's biggest problem was the long pauses. He seemed at times to be searching. Which isn't bad if your me trying to write this, but as president you need to be able to think quickly. Kerry on the other hand actually thought people would believe that he has been consistant on the Iraq issue. I think we can all agree that he has not. All in all I don't think this really helped either one. I think the polls will look about the same as they did before the debate. I guess we will see what happens next tuesday. Do we think either of them will learn anything from this?
on Oct 01, 2004


Unbeknownst to Kerry adviser Mike McCurry, a C-SPAN camera quietly followed McCurry as he found Kerry adviser Joe Lockhart on Spin Alley floor and asked him his impression of the debate. Lockhart candidly said to McCurry , “The consensus is it was a draw.”
on Oct 01, 2004
I jokingly posted as the debate was closing that is was a "tie" because conservatives would say Bush won and libs would say Kerry won. This morning, it seems like a lot of people are saying that seriously. Kerry seemed more confident, and Bush seemed a big flustered by the end. I wish the candidates could have addressed one another, though, it would have made it a lot more interesting.
on Oct 01, 2004
I didn't really see a 'winner'. They both answered questions with non-answers, spouting talking points rather than addressing the actual question asked.

While Kerry tended to go off on tangents more (his rambling non-answer on question #1 had me trying to remember what the question was), Bush kept returning to the same slogans after short one sentence answers to questions.

I suppose that is the nature of these things though. Not a real 'debate' on the issues, but a chance to repeat campaign rhetoric.
on Oct 01, 2004
I am a Republican and I believe Kerry won but not by a lot. Bush was defensive and his face at both some of the questions and Kerry's answers were very telling. It will be interesting to see how they both handle the questions about other areas like the economy, jobs, the out of control deficit etc. If you want to get the facts on ALL the Bush policies, read "Four More For George W?" Look at the reader comments posted on about this book!