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Published on February 26, 2008 By Draginol In Blogging

We have some usability changes in the works for JoeUser 2. Here are a few highlights:

1) Ignore user. A given user's posts would simply no longer show up (though their comments probably would as there'd be a significant slow down there).

2) Filter category.  Categories you're not interested could be turned off and the site would re-adjust based on that.

3) Blog Friends. You will be able to set given users as friends and be kept up to date on what they're doing on your own blog on your dashboard.

4) Restricted. This will be a new system in which we can isolate users who have trouble playing nice to their own blog without having to ban them.  We are going to be integrating JoeUser into Impulse and we users prone to flaming and insulting users will likely end up restricted. They'll still be able to blog but they won't be able to particpate in other blogs or on the forums.

on Feb 26, 2008


I like these changes,  and LOVE the dashboard.   Thank You!

on Feb 26, 2008


Filter category...sweet!

Blog friends...sweet!


Also, thanks for getting the recent article list back in action.


on Feb 27, 2008

We had restricted at one time, but the banning of anon users kind of killed that.  It will be good to see it back,

on Feb 27, 2008

Oh, yea, and the recent article list?  JIT!  Way to go Zoomba and Brad!