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Published on May 14, 2008 By Draginol In OS Customization

  Rafael from WithinWindows visited us this past week and took some great pictures. I'm stealing this from his site.. Rafael is best known as the world's leading expert on uxtheme patching (XP and Vista).  But he's not just a great developer, he's a great guy too.

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The wetlands on the Stardock property.

2484881887_3753d008a1[1] 2484883481_018fd24511[1]

Bee hives


2480225955_e1113dec26[1] 2481118290_f3c4488207[1]

2481040360_6fd898f024[1] 2480227235_0190d045d0[1]

inside the hives


2484806527_a2d3dbe617[1]  2484807859_96f80a7b28[1]

Outside the Stardock building


Rafael inside



Inside my messy office (panoramic view)

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