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Published on August 1, 2008 By Draginol In Home & Family

I'm on vacation officially though in reality according to my journal I still managed 30 hours last week here at the cottage. My online availability has been diminished a bit (i.e. not browsing the sites much).

Here some pictures from the trip.


IMG_0388 IMG_0387


IMG_0386 IMG_0303


IMG_0168 IMG_0133

on Aug 01, 2008

Man I miss places that actually have water and trees.

on Aug 01, 2008

Brad - looks like you guys are having a blast there which must be a nice break from everything else ...Don't mean to hijack your post at all, but this is something I sent to your e-mail a few times but probably just got deleted b/c you get so much mail.  But I think the only way to get a question to you would be to post somewhere you don't get overloaded with alot of noise (though this is probably noise too considering the post topic...).  I understand if you'd want to delete this though since it's way out from left field...

A-ha!  I found the original email I sent to you about GC AI back 'in the day'.  Anyway, no
annoying AI question this time...

As I said back then, most of my work/research in cs grad school is in animation & vision.  However, the past few months I've been doing alot of tinkering on AI in game or simulation situations on my own time (mainly for personal interest or else I wouldn't be in grad school at all if i wanted money I think).

I was curious to know if any programmers at SD collaborate/work on AI for your games?  I believe you were the sole AI developer for the GC series and PM series, but am not sure on that.  Stardock seems to be a very fun place to work (one of the few it seems from what I've read concerning studios in the game industry or acquaintances at other studios) and it would be a blast to work on making realistic AI for strategy games.

Also, I don't mean letting other developers come in be able to significantly define the direction it should take.  I fully expect new people to have to put in their dues.

I checked SD's website and know it says there are no current openings at SD.  I won't be graduating for a while still, so this question was more of a personal inquiry.

Hmmm, I get an inkling that I'm probably sabotaging my prospects of working at SD by annoying the heck out of you with e-mails about AI and stuff, but people tell me I'm an annoying persistent guy anyway so it's nothing new to me

-Rattasak S

on Aug 01, 2008

Hope you're enjoying your time... when you get back I'm excited for some DemiGod Beta.

The kids look like they're having fun.  You should've added "No Children were hurt in the creation of the pictures for the post."

on Aug 01, 2008

Pontoons are the best.  I love going cruising on our lake up north.  We have a ski boat too, and that's good for watersports and crazy tubing, but you can't get your cooler in there! 

on Aug 01, 2008

The boat looks like so much fun! 


on Aug 01, 2008

It looks like fun.  Is that blonde in the corner your baby girl?  She's getting so big.   They just don't stay little babies long enough. 

on Aug 02, 2008

looks alot like Maine.