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How hatred of Bush worked against Kerry
Published on November 4, 2004 By Draginol In Blogging

Here's the money quote:

The Guardian, the fever chart of the British Left, decided to arrange a controlled experiment in the effectiveness of the Bush-hating strategy. They targeted the voters of Clark County, Ohio, one of the swingiest counties in a critical swing state, by getting Guardian readers to send them letters explaining why they shouldn't vote for Bush. Antonia Fraser, John Le Carre and other celebrated Guardianistas put pen to paper and marshalled their arguments.

Richard Dawkins demonstrated the incisive forensic analysis of Bush one expects from one of Oxford's most celebrated professors: "An idiot he may be, but he is also sly, mendacious and vindictive ... thuggish ... pariah state ... brazenly lying ... cynical mendacity." Gloomy film-maker Ken Loach, who makes Moore look like Busby Berkeley, began: "Today, your country is reviled across continents as never before ..."

In return, The Guardian received many responses, saying things like "real Americans aren't interested in your pansy-ass, tea-sipping opinions", which was one of the more polite replies in that it eschewed observations on the defects of British dentistry. In 2000, Clark County went narrowly for Al Gore. On Tuesday, it went decisively for Bush. The local Republican chairman claimed that Fraser and co had done a grand job of rallying the county's Bush voters and getting them to the poll. Thank you, Guardian lefties! Had they launched Operation Massachusetts, Kerry would have lost his own state.

on Nov 04, 2004

This kind of attitude is what motivates Americans to want to go out and vote to send the message: Fuck you to those with this attitude.

on Nov 04, 2004
Why would they even run an experiment like this? Did they actually sit around an editorial room and think, 'I got a great idea that just may swing the election for Kerry!' How could anyone think that this would be a good idea to try? Wow.

"real Americans aren't interested in your pansy-ass, tea-sipping opinions"

That may be the funniest thing I will read all week! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
on Nov 04, 2004
What is especially surprising is how nasty the left has continued to be even though they lost the elections. I'm a little fed up and starting to give what I get.
on Nov 04, 2004

I know what you mean. You kind of hoped they go: "Maybe all this hatred we have isn't attracting the public as we thought. Maybe we need to take some time to reflect." like that Democrat guy on the Daily Show said on Wednesday (about reflecting).

on Nov 05, 2004
The whole tone and text of the Keryy supporters seemed to be just that kind of drivel. No substance, no plan, no message other than "Bush is EVIL!" "If you vote for him YOU are evil, and really, really stupid!"
Come on.... how detached has the media and the left become from what the majority of Americans want and believe in?
Sure there are things that Bush has done that I don't agree with. I despised the Clintons, but I still found things about them that were positive. (OK, not many) I never rooted for Clinton to fail in his presidential duties, I never tried to rally a revolution of misguided malcontents to secede form the union. What goes through some folks' heads?
It amazes me what I read on CNN and MSNBC. They report how gay marriage was voted down in 10 states, by LARGE margins, but after the first paragraph they go on to tell how gays and lesbians are broken up about it, and what there plans are to fight it. THey report President Bush's win, but the bulk of the articles are about what the Dems plan to do for the 2008 election. Man, they just do not get it!
I may not agree with everything Bush supports, but at least he supports something, I never got that from the Kerry campaign, just more "Bush is EVIL!" Nice message.
on Nov 09, 2004

That's okay, the whole tone of kerry supporters since the election has been drivel as well.

We get crazy talk about Bush stealing the election through electronic voting machines all the way to them trying to say that it was all those "Evangalicals" from "Jesus Land" who put Bush in.

No Jesus freaks in my neighborhood but pretty much everyone came out and voted. Why? Same reason as me and millions of others who have posted on-line - motivated to vote because of the hatred and nastiness of Kerry supporters.

on Nov 09, 2004

Here's a liberal view:

Jesusland / US of Canada Tile Coaster

It demonstrates such astounding ignroance by Kerry supporters.  That's what I like about this map because it covers my two pet peeves about most liberals:

1) They are incredibly pretentious

2) They don't know what they're talking about.

Simply put - Bush won rural and subburban voters nation wide.  Kerry won urban voters nation wide. If a state has a lot more urban voters than rural voters then the state went blue. Otherwise it went red.

I bet if we took a poll of liberals even here on JU and compared them to the conservatives on JU that you would find that conservatives have traveled more.  I've been to almost every state in the country and people are people.  Traveling down to Indiana you'll find people pretty much the same as they are in Pennsylvania.  Rural people are similar everywhere.  And they're not Jesus freaks. 

Most Americans are religious, btw. When Democrats shit on those who have faith, they basically are shitting on the vast majority of Americans.  Most college educated people voted for Bush. Just because most of them are also religious doesn't make them stupid.  I'm not religious but I respect other people's right to their faith. And I know plenty of very religious people who are far far more well educated and balanced than some of the more vocal liberals I see on this site.

A county map of the United States might be useful to these people but that would interfere with their facile view of the world I guess.

on Nov 09, 2004
Hmmm so I have USC citzenship now. I don't like those who would belive in that, draginol.