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Published on February 1, 2009 By Draginol In Blogging

1. I have never tried smoking or any drugs.

2. I never drank any alcohol until I was 21 and still mostly a social drinker (though I do like wine).

3. I was relatively dim until my 20s when my brain, for some reason, switched on and went into overdrive.

4. I tend to read 2 to 3 books a week.

5. I used to be a total sports junkie until high school, now I don't even watch the Superbowl.

6. I can't think of anyone that I "hate" or even severely dislike.

7. At work I go into "business mode" where I think and act completely differently than I am at home. It's like being schitzo a bit.

8. I work with my friend Pat who I've been friends with for almost 25 years.

9. I have only had 3 serious relationships in my life including my wife.

10. I have been with my wife for 17 years. We have 3 children.

11. My parents are the least compatible together people I've ever met. They got divorced when I was 4. They get along now but they are still totally incompatible. Glad they got together though long enough to have me!

12. I always wanted to have kids, even when I was little. Ideally, 2 boys and a girl (I have 2 boys and a girl).

13. I don't tend to worry much but when I do worry, it's usually about whether I'm doing the right thing with my children.

14. I almost never feel stressed.

15. I am finding myself less social as I get older but trying to fight against it.

16. I'm 170lbs now but was only 110lbs in High School. (5'11 inches tall).

17. I still have my Star Wars figures from when I was a kid and LEGO space ships I made too.

18. I am an only child but have a half-brother in Colorado as well as an adopted brother in Colorado though I haven't seen either in a long time (thank goodness for Facebook!).

19. I am not religious but I am thankful to God anyway for my life.

20. I make, amongst other things, computer games for a living.

21. I don't tend to have much compassion for people in general but tend to want to help individuals a great deal.

22. I tend to be politically conservative (fiscally very conservative, socially moderate). I'm a big believer in people having lots of freedom but coupled with lots of responsibility.

23. During the cold Winter months when work is busiest, I look forward to going to our cottage on Higgins Lake as a way to keep my spirits up.

24. I like to drive very very fast. Fastest I've driven is 161mph (don't ask me when or where, no comment <g>).  But I drive very carefully if I have passengers or if there's anyone else on the road. I've never been in a car accident.

25. My friends and family have said I am a lot like the Tom Hanks character in "You've got Mail" except when I'm at work where I'm more like House mixed in with the "You've got Mail" character.

on Feb 01, 2009

Do they have a public drag strip / race track near where you live Brad?  I'd suggest that as a fun way to race and not worry about other cars, etc.  Also lets you work on timing your shifts, etc


And, totally off-topic (kinda), but since you read alot of books and I remember reading a post way back years ago you made about this, do you have any recommendations on books in the general area of evolution / God / probablity of life / etc (non-ID stuff though)?

on Feb 01, 2009

Glad to know that I'm not the only one with an aversion to drinking alchol until the legal age. At college right now on the weekends I feel like the only person that is sober or not hung over.  

(To coderunner82) If you want to get a good book on the issue of evolution and God The Language of God by Fracis S Collins (who was one of the leaders of the Human Genome project) is a really good book. The main focus of the book is on how evolution and the belief in a theistic God are not incompatable but can actually complement eachother and bolster the faith of the believer. In the back is also a nice overview of alot of the moral dillemas that come up with current and future progression of genetics which I also thought was well done though not the main focus of the book itself. Alot of the book itself is also based on works by C.S Lewis although this book tackels the question from a scientists angle and focuses more on the issue of the existance of God post Darwinism than any of C.S Lewis's works (Though I highly suggest those as well). 


on Feb 01, 2009

17. I still have my Star Wars figures from when I was a kid and LEGO space ships I made too.

It's funny you mention that.  My mom recently found my Star Wars figures, and we valued them at nearly $1000.

on Feb 23, 2009

3. I was relatively dim until my 20s when my brain, for some reason, switched on and went into overdrive.

I read somewhere, or was at a conference where I heard, that the brain keeps growing until the 20's and that the myelin sheath isn't finished growing until the 20's and that it has something to do with (... this part is hazy in my memory) logic or ability to understand mathematics.

I was really bad at math in high school and developed a phobia about it.  I had to take a math course in uni in my mid-twenties and developed a taste for it.  It was a struggle (and the TA used to groan every time he saw me because it took a long time to explain stuff to me and I wouldn't leave until I got it) but math actually began to make sense to me.  Now I really quite enjoy it.

And now I want to go look into that myelin sheath thing.

on Feb 23, 2009

Here is a link I found online about myelin and learning: about myelin.  The site is actually for a teaching program for skin cancer but this link is about the teenage brain and is adapted with permission from a book called Brain Matters: Translating the Research to Classroom Practice, by Pat Wolfe.