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Premium subscriber goodies
Published on November 14, 2004 By Draginol In Blogging

As far as I know, is the only blog community on the Internet.  There are various blog services out there but each blog is an island. That is, they are completely isolated from other sites on there.

The downside of the way we have JoeUser is that it's hard to avoid having the opinions of those who you dislike show up on your page somewhere as part of the "newest" or "featured" and the like.  Of course, as some people who have left JoeUser because of those reasons have learned, that also helps bring people to their site.  So they may write the most compelling things but few will read them (other than perhaps other former JU people they've met).

What we need to do is find a way to let users have the best of both worlds -- for people to be able to have blogs that they have more control over what shows up on the side-bar but still get lots of people reading what they write.

To that end, we're formulating premium subscriptions. It would be $24.95 sign up plus $2.99 per month.  The sign-up would give the user the first 3 months plus a copy of Blog Navigator Pro (Blog Navigator Pro is how I write all my blogs these day sand read through JoeUser).  Other bonuses would be a photo album feature enabling users to have a album tab on their blog that they can submit images into and organize.  They would also be able to customize the look and feel of their blog far more so than the templates we have today.

Time-line for this? Probably early next year.  Have to finish first. But after that we'll be able to look at putting these features in.

What do you think?

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on Nov 14, 2004
Was actually going to make use of the domain for something like this...

Make sure you take a look at and

LJ has something especially nice, with the ability to create and accept members into groups. The kids up here seem to enjoy that quite a lot. Template creation would definately attrack a more graphically savvy element.
on Nov 14, 2004
That sounds awesome. I'm looking forward to it.
on Nov 14, 2004
Looking forward to the launch...
on Nov 14, 2004
Not long ago I thought the idea of "subscribing" to blog here was ridiculous. However, the more time I have spent the more I like it and can see myself subscribing, both for the features (and Blog Navigator--I see that it is a great program, but don't use it since I can't post through it) and to support the idea. I think more details on "customizing" the site are in order. Would this include the much requested "Ignore User" feature? That right there could be huge.

andr3ww--you can create and join blog groups here. How is the system over there different? Just curious.
on Nov 14, 2004

Can't wait!  $24.99 and $2.99 a month thereafter is well worth it.

I'm especially looking forward to the photo album idea.  It's going to make posting pictures much easier!

on Nov 14, 2004
Sounds great, I would be interested, but could you consider a discount for folks who have already purchased BlogNavigator Pro?
on Nov 14, 2004
I'm looking forward to it.
on Nov 14, 2004
Andrew, you sould create a blog here.  We already have blog groups, custom audiences, and tons of other features of that kind.
on Nov 14, 2004
Differnet Hanja - yes. we'd waive that cost.
on Nov 15, 2004
yes. we'd waive that cost.

Sweet! Count me in! That may help to get more interest generated in BNPro, also.
on Nov 15, 2004
I dont have any way to pay for a subscription (no credit cards i mean). Does it mean i wont be able to blog if i dont pay for a subscription? Or is it just for those who want the 'crème' of a blog?
on Nov 15, 2004
I think it means that if you pay, you get better features....
on Nov 15, 2004
What is available right now would stay free. 
on Nov 15, 2004
Hey, that's fine! I have been waiting for this for almost a year! Will this allow use to have more than one blog under a account? Right now you can only have a blog and a group blog. I personally would like to have another 2 group blogs.

Also, would we be able, through Blog Navigator, upload images to the blog using Joe User as a host? That would work great for bloggers who want their hosting and blog in one place.

I already have Blog Navigator Pro so how does the pricing work then if you have the program?

Frogboy, I personally think Blog Navigator Pro and TextBanners will allow you guys to be half as big as Google when it comes to blogging and community ad services. I really think Blog Navigator is the bomb. You can even use it to update a regular website if you are willing to take a few extra steps.

What do you think?
on Nov 15, 2004

As for customization....

I never understood why moving the side-bar from left to right was a blog setting.   Customizing the side-bar should be a USER based feature.   Let the reader put the side bar where they want, use whatever colors they want, etc.  

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