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Published on August 7, 2009 By Draginol In Politics

Clearly sent there by “big insurance companies”…

on Aug 09, 2009

After seeing that, I am staying home and locking the doors.

on Aug 10, 2009

Even Chris Wallace, for Christ's sake, today repeated almost off-handedly & in passing the myth of the 'directions from right wing organizers' to yell & disrupt the town halls, as if it were accepted fact.  Of course we know the dude to whom these 'instructions' have been attributed is a local blogger in New Hampshire (maybe Vermont?) Connecticut (corrected) with no money, no 'organization' and no afilliation with any other 'organization'.  Yet his blog is the basis for the allegation that the VRWC has been reborn, with a snapshot of his website in the DNC's attack video as 'evidence'.

Talk about irony, assuming these things are or were being 'organized' - the ultimate community organizer and his minions demonizing 'organizers'!  'Tut, tut.  This townhall opposition can't be genuine, it's... organized!'  (Why did an image of Dana Carvey pop into my head right here?)  Every time KO or CM or MadCow makes one of their snide references to the 'astroturfed' townhalls they precede the comment with 'well-organized', snorting it out their noses with disgust.  Cracks me up every time.

Speaking of KO, that dude's gotta see a doctor soon.  And all this intelligence-insulting is not going to end well for those doing the insulting.

on Aug 10, 2009

The infant was clearly a hack hired by Dick Army