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The current system has its flaws but it does something profoundly right:

Most people who have health insurance are paying for their own individual health insurance either directly or indirectly through their employer. They are paying into the system for what they get back.

Obama supporters dream of a different system where taxes pay for health insurance instead. The problem with that is that nearly half the population pay no net federal income taxes. 

People get this and they’re pissed off about being saddled with paying for yet another thing for the nearly half of the population who pay no net taxes.

A big reason I have such disdain for the federal government is that the people who don’t pay have not just a lot of control over how money is spent but have an incentive to get ever increasing goodies given to them. Health insurance is just the latest.

According to the 2008 exit polls, over 60% of the people who pay no net federal income taxes voted for Obama. Zip.

So yea, I’m sure they’d love to see the idea of health insurance paid for by tax payers, because it’s free for them.

But the remaining near half the population are stuck with the bill.

And that’s just one reason. Loss of freedom, rationed care, the unintended consequences of moving away from the free market are just a handful of other reasons.

But for me, one of my big frustrations is just getting sick of being stuck with the tab of paying for people who hide their parasitic demands behind the illusion of “compassion”.

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on Oct 16, 2010

As interesting as these comments are, it always amazes me to see an old article all of a sudden come back to the top.

on Oct 16, 2010

BTW. Something I approve of and think we need, is something like the FDIC insurance, for insurance... currently banks are insured, if you put your money in bank of america and it goes bankrupt, you don't lose your money, the government steps in and makes sure its there... likewise, if you paid for an insurance plan for 30 years, only to get cancer, then a year into treatment your insurance goes bankrupt... well, you shouldn't lose it in that case. But this is a huge far cry from the blatant mismanagement of nationalized insurance in general, and obamacare specifically (obama care being the worst example of legislature I have ever seen... what with being too big and bulky and unwieldy. they could have nationalized healthcare in a 30 page bill than anyone could read and comply with)

on Oct 16, 2010

Not many, but I can think of two. The FAA's Civil Aviation Medical Institute and the Arizona DAV.

Well, you asked.

I haven't seen a national survey on either. The former, I doubt if many even know it exists (perhaps that helps) and the later only affects AZ. I could be wrong but I doubt many would give high marks to their DAV nationwide. Check Masons article.

on Oct 18, 2010

Healthcare organizations might gross billions, but their profit margins are in the 2 to 3% range.

How do you know someone is going to lie?  They start out talking about the actual bucks a company makes and not the ROI.  They did it to Big Oil ($54b??????Outrageous!  Uh, what was the total revenue, so what was the ROI for that $54b?)


on Oct 18, 2010

Draginol writes:

Obama supporters dream of a different system where taxes pay for health insurance instead. 

They can dream all they want.

The problem is that Obama and his cronies in majority in Congress enacted their dream into law.

This was unConstitutional as the Federal government has only the specific powers delegated to it by the US Constitution and THERE IS NOTHING IN THE CONSTITUTION ABOUT HEALTH INSURANCE, THUS THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CAN NOT REQUIRE ANYONE TO HAVE IT.