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Published on September 4, 2009 By Draginol In Personal Computing

I can’t believe I’ve had my ThinkPad T400 a year (or pretty much a year).

I love it.  Let me be clear about that: I’m IN love with it.  The romance continues. Best laptop ever.

Let me count the ways:

1. It’s light.  I don’t need a super fast laptop but it has to be decently beefy so that I can at least demo games and applications on it.  But I want it light. Less than 4 pounds ideally. The T400 is pretty light.

2. Trackpoint. Why do I buy ThinkPads? I need the trackpoint. Fine, others love the touchpad. I can use them but I prefer that the trackpoint.

3. 64-bit with 8GB of RAM.  Not really specific to the T400 but for those of you who have 32-bit Windows, move to 64-bit as soon as possible and get at least 6GB of memory. The difference in performance is massive due to disk caching.

4. SSD.  Again, not specific to the T400 here but this helps with performance significantly over the included drive. I got the Intel X25 which is very fast.  I would go with the RAM before the SSD but one thing about laptops that drives me crazy, especially with Vista, is that you boot up but you’re not really ready to work, the hard drive crunches forever – until you get that SSD and then that goes away.

It’s not cheap I will grant that. But given how much work I do on it, it’s well worth it for me.

on Sep 04, 2009

SSD and loads of ram... yeah i can see why you like it

on Sep 05, 2009

on Sep 05, 2009

I've always preferred trackpoints myself too. Not sure why so few people do, it's better than wearing the skin off your finger with a touchpad.

on Sep 05, 2009

I can't live with a trackpad, so. Bought myself a 4 year-old T43 for $285, slapped an extra gigabyte of RAM in, and voila--insta midrange laptop.

I get around any Windows performance issues by just using Ubuntu, which hasn't yet needed more than about 3/4 of my 2gb, even with a pretty good amount of stuff running.