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I used to subscribe to Newsweek.  From the time I was a teenager into my 30s I was a subscriber. I liked their news coverage. If I wanted in depth detail accounts of world events, Newsweek was fantastic about it.

Then something happened after George W Bush got elected. They started to drift ever further to the left. More and more of their content became editorial (i.e. left wing rants).  The problem was, I can get that sort of thing online for free. Why would I pay to hear some guy spout out the same half-baked liberal talking points that I can read on DailyKos or Huffington Post for free?

So I stopped subscribing.

Well, now it looks like they’re officially making left-wing advocacy journalism their official direction. Good luck to them but I suspect they’re doomed.

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on May 07, 2010

The Palin cover leaves little doubt in what you're saying Brad. The far lefts hated of this woman is eating them up inside.

Not to fond of her either, but it's not like the left don't have their share of loonies.

The right has some loonies... the left is nothing BUT loonies.

Too many "news" organizations went from delivering actual news to delivering their opinions. Their far left opinions.

Well, its actually worse, they often falsify news nowadays in support of their far left opinions. I am glad to see them going bankrupt.

on May 08, 2010

Very interesting take on it.  A winding read but worth the stroll.