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Published on November 6, 2011 By Draginol In Politics

We heard endless about the unsubstantiated charge that some Tea Partier spat on an African American congressman but amazingly, the atrocious behavior of the Occupy movement has largely been ignored or excused.

I have friends and family who practically seethe with hatred towards “fucking tea baggers” who I know are sympathetic for the Occupy Wall Street people. What the hell is the matter with these people?

While I don’t consider myself a “Tea Partier”, I cannot grasp the antipathy directed towards people who peacefully lobby for smaller government while remaining mum about the disgusting OWS behavior.

Check this out:

on Nov 07, 2011

And the worst part is, they are deliberately drawing this out.  They've already made their point - "income inequity is bad, mmkay?"  But they won't just go home.  They think they're instigating the long-awaited American Socialist Revolution.  And as they do so, the amount of violence within their own camps escalates because they've created areas that effectively cannot be policed.

on Nov 07, 2011

This is going to be long, and you're not going to agree with much of it, but I can't read this and not say anything, as someone who supports the movement (mostly, not on everything), and someone who recognizes you as one of the "good guys".


There are two groups in OWS:  there are a bunch of hangers-on, anarchists, and other undesirables (and I think some authority figures are encouraging that to discredit the movement, as well as the media in general) , but there is a core group who seems the anti-competitive power being wielded by large corporations, and how easily they can influence the government.  Capitalism exists not for its own sake, but to benefit the people.  The current system is not benefiting enough of the people.

I've talked to plenty of the more moderate protestors, and they're not against business.  What they're against is anti-competitive/anti-consumer practices, excessive corporate influence in politics, and education inflation/service cuts while the wealthy receive historically low tax rates and economic mobility is below almost every other developed country.


Another difference: Tea Party Protests generally attract rich, affluent types who have plenty to lose, and won't risk arrest, or docile folks who are convinced to go against their own economic interests.     OWS protests are attracting people who have already lost plenty, and have less to lose.  They're also attracting a younger crowd who have more on the line then 5% higher taxes.  It's a different, much more diverse and desperate demographic.



As for the Tea Party: the original Tea Party, before it got co-opted, wasn't bad.  I didn't support their anti-healthcare stuff (as I believe our current healthcare system is woefully inefficient, and what became Obamacare was a pander to the health insurance companies- and another symptom of why we need real reform in our government), but they wanted to reduce government interference in some area and cut the deficit.  What happened was groups like AFP took over the Tea Party's message and switched it to a radical anti-tax/anti-consumer/anti-union/pro-large corporation agenda, which I feel is bad for the US.  That's why I have contempt for the movement.  Unions aren't saints in any regards, but for a properly functioning free market, you need competition and market power equality- and unions are the only effective method of achieving market power against the largest corporations. I'm seeing what abuse of corporate power is doing firsthand to a good friend of mine, who is getting paid half of what he promised with no legal recourse other then striking.


That agenda is not good for you, as such an agenda would reduce the money people will spend on your products.  I'll say this: if more businessmen were like you and took your long-term approach and thinking, a movement like OWS would not be necessary, and this country would be in much better shape.  I'll take the policies of Henry Ford over Ronald Reagan any day of the week.

on Nov 08, 2011

The media wants OWS to succeed to be a foil for the Tea Party.  That is why so many of them compare it to the Tea Party.  And ignore the atrocities.  However, not all media is MSM these days.  Check out this link:


on Nov 10, 2011

Its just the usual hypocrisy with a health dose of Alinsky agitation. I mean, they have their ultra liberal President and things have gone to hell in a handbasket under him. This cruel reality has thrust liberals into a complete state of denial and they are lashing out in anger. I also have friends and family who are on the wrong side on this issue. My own dad has FOX news removed from his television menu and if he even hears about it he will break out into hives. People of left wing persuasion generally seem angry that things aren't going right and they seem to be in total denial blaming everything but the actual root causes. They tend to listen to news sources that bolster their own opinions and blank out any opinions that are different from there own. As a generally right wing thinking person, I find myself extremely interested in opposing viewpoints from left wing journalists and talkers,I guess its because I don't imagine that my opinions and beliefs are all 100% absolute or cant be incorrect in some way. Left wing people generally don't want to hear any opposing viewpoints and the vastly left wing media are searching for ways to prop up OWS and tear down tea partiers. Its just a smokescreen to cover the epic fail of the Obama Presidency. Although I have to say that Obama has been somewhat more hawkish than I would have ever imagined, and that too is a blatant hypocrisy. Barbaric violence seems perfectly acceptable to the left when it suits their needs.

on Nov 11, 2011

Ungrateful.  Spoiled. 

This guy NAILS it.



on Nov 11, 2011

Ok and sense we're on the subject...these guys crack me up....though I wonder if they ever get their butts beat???  OWSers are so aggressive!


on Nov 12, 2011

We must not let those Progressive cretins pick our candidate or blackmail our nominees

on Nov 12, 2011

While our streets are filled with these Flea-Bags camping in the parks, and the neighborhoods surrounding them are complaining about the lose of business, the filth and the noise. This charade of wanting to and forcibly redistributing the hard and honestly earned income to the Gimme crowd in the parks and on the corners must come to an end. American life is not about a free handout! And redistributing wealth does not create jobs!

And put this in the “I’m Just Askin” column.
After more than a week of bringing in a line up of LOSERS called Accusers. And since at least one of Herman Cain's accusers works in the Obama administration, could it be the Democrats are the ones who are trying to destroy another Republican nominee?
Once again we find a trial without Jury and another Republican convicted in the minds of biased media with a liberal agenda in other words, Guilty by biased Liberal public Opinion.

on Nov 13, 2011

Why, it's right here.