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Published on December 15, 2011 By Draginol In FE Sneak Peeks

For those of you who really like video journals, here are some quickie videos I’ve  done this week.

Part 1: Around my fledgling Kingdom

more to come.

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on Dec 15, 2011


Did Lord Relias or the other champion auto-equip the spear you found, or was the attack simultaneous to your discovery?  It was easy in WOM to get attacked by pop-up messages and forget to equip your latest Pointed Stick of Extra Pointiness... 

Are there still retreat spots, or have those been removed from the tactical map?

Looks good, thanks for the team's efforts!


on Dec 15, 2011

Yeah I'm so bored. Maybe I should be studying... 

on Dec 15, 2011

Are the graphics where the river meets the ocean still being worked on? It looks like the river runs up against a green wall or something.

Thanks for the vid, looks awesome! I like how there is a RUSH button, which I assume when pushed plays random tunes like Tom Sawyer, Red Barchetta, Natural Science, or The Trees. Necromancer would also be an awesome tune to play to this game. Don't put Rivendell in the queue though, or I'm Going Bald.

on Dec 15, 2011

Thanks for the update! I'm excited to see that elemental-specific damage is in.

on Dec 15, 2011


I understand that on normal difficulty AI plays in the same conditions as a human player. What about AI's wits? Is changing difficulty level makes it dumber/smarter?

PS Last time I said the world looked cluttered. Now it's not the case. It looks lovely in fact.

on Dec 16, 2011

"What about AI's wits? Is changing difficulty level makes it dumber/smarter?"


- This is my question as well, nobody likes a cheater (If they do cheat I would prefer it be through a percentage bonus of resources gathered rather than altering the stats of the ai's units), or perhaps they start off with additional goodies next to them or extra techs as this would give them a considerable starting advantage.  It would be really nice if different tactics were used by the ai depending on difficulty lvl like traps/tricks/ambushes/more cunniving diplomacy/or what have ya.


Thanks for the video, fixin to go watch it a 7th time



on Dec 16, 2011


on Dec 16, 2011

The birds flying around on the strategic map are a nice touch.

The water effects look pretty cool too!

on Dec 16, 2011

Wait a second.....

That kingdom tech tree has a Warg Riding tech! Does this mean both races get all mounts? I hope so.

Quick question: Do rivers and special tiles like horses give resource bonuses, they don't appear to display any food or production icons. If they don't wouldn't it be bad to start beside them?

on Dec 16, 2011

Amazing video. Nice to see this looks like a great strategy game now, with loads of important choices to make. I have the feeling this is shaping up to be an instant classic. (Seen video twice now, guess I'll be getting a coke and some snacks and watch it a few more times. Very interesting stuff.)

on Dec 16, 2011

DsRaider, I think the resource bonus displayed on the tiles is actually the cumulative bonus you get from the tiles around that tile.

So the grain/materials numbers you see in the vid are the actual bonus you get when you found on that tile. So you wouldn't have to count the surroundings yourself. Which explains why the tiles next to rivers have high numbers (the river tiles around it yields the good bonuses). Also explains why rivers show no numbers, as you can't found a city on a river.

on Dec 16, 2011

Ya making me get impatient. 


Nice to see building on rivers really helps out cites.


So if I remember right no boats and navies for this expansion right?

on Dec 16, 2011


on Dec 16, 2011

I like the graphic style! It seem that this is how it got +ve commentary on this thread. And it's always good to see some progress for a game in the makeing!

There are obviously things I want changed as seen in the video. In no particular order...

1. In the video, the OK button is clicked many times due to new discovery (of itmes) and what not. This UI should be improved, by removing this OK buttom completely. Founding an item (and along with many other notication) need not stop the game flow at all. Obviously, the battle initiation box saying "Lord Relias is under attack!" is superfluous, remove it ASAP.

At the bare minimium, this OK dialogue (or any notification) box should auto-fade after a few seconds. And there is option to customize how many seconds it should be.

Ideally, all kinds of notification should be presented as (pinnable) Event log. If not pinned (either by the game automatically or player manually) the notification will auto fade after a few seconds. The event log should either roll up/down one by one on the right hand side vertically on the right.

As of now, it is intrustive. After a while playing the game, gamer will easily get annoyed for the hundredth OK box that they don't care about. As gamer become familar with the game, only a very small % of notification need/get their attention. This is not OK.

Maybe in the tutorial, every event should be auto-pinned. But that's the only occasion.

2. Even the "Your Forces have Been attacked" should be consider auto-faded. But this need futher discussion/thought. I think this important dialogue is really still in 'alpha' stage. So, let's disucss.

Certain mechanism for gamer ignoring unimportant battles is needed. Unimportant battle should just become pinned events in the event log, without player involvement. This make the game flows. I was always annoyed by time spent by unimportant battle.

What need to dicuss is how to define what is important battle.

Maybe without player involvement, Auto-resolve happened behind the scene. If player's team have minimal causality, it simiply become another event that auto-fade after a while. If not, this dialoge shows up and take player's attention.

3. The Terrian inspector at the top-right is clutter. Move it to bottom right around the Map area. Offer more info, like what kind of "Grain/Material:: bonus it offers.

4. Fraction power panel is another clutter. Move it to where the Map is. Have a button called "Fraction Power", mouse over about that button will shows the power statistic.

5. About that "at least we got the cool spear"... It is more fair to have your cool spear dropped to the ground, when the champion got killed this turn by the spider. Otherwise, it is an cheesy expliot. Just send my cheap level1 champion to grab the Almightly Sword of the Moon Gods, let him kill by the gaurds but the sword will somehow get teleported back to my town.

There is more... let's talk when I have time later!

on Dec 17, 2011

Looks really good.