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Published on January 14, 2012 By Draginol In Politics

Because of the way the media treats those of us who are right of center politically, when we get into social situations, we are used to just keeping our mouths shut.

But it turns out that a lot, perhaps even most, people are right of center (in the United States anyway) but we often don’t realize it because we get so beaten down that our opinions on liberty and freedom are so “unfair”.

So usually a discussion will slowly unwind where a person stands bit by by.  First, you start out with the respectable “conservative” view points like George Will or maybe Thomas Sowell and eventually you’re over to talking about Instapundit, Town Hall, Conservative Grapevine, etc.  It’s at that moment you realize you’ve met a fellow traveler. Smile

on Jan 16, 2012

It was the same 40 years ago.  To be conservative was to be hidden (like a scarlet letter).  Reagan changed that.  Sadly, I see no sequel to him now.

on Jan 16, 2012

Maybe it's due to where you live, and the company you own.  I often felt the reverse was true, but I live in the semi-South and most of my life has been spent around military and vets, who lean fundamentalist (Especially among officers).  Then again every squadron has their "Squadron commie".



Tech supporters tend to be progressives.  Progressives tend to be liberal, and by definition dissatisfied (I don't think it's possible for a progressive to ever be satisfied, there's always more to fix)  It takes a lot to get people fired up for progressivism like OWS or anti-SOPA stuff.  (anti-SOPA is one of the few areas where progressives and conservatives can meet)


Michigan city+ tech company= very few conservatives.


I do think that natural state is one of the issues the left has- it's easier to accept the status quo then it is to always be fighting it- you get tired of it eventually.  This is why I think older people tend to skew reactionary- that and progressive belief becomes less in your self-interest as you get older and wealthier. 



on Jan 23, 2012

Yea, I'm not even sure what is progressive these days.

Everything has gotten so mixed up.