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So I watched the most recent Star Wars: The Clone Wars (“Crisis on Naboo”) and really enjoyed it.  I enjoyed it enough that I decided to go over to TheForce.Net and see about conversing with others about it.  Oh god. What a mistake.

I didn’t even get to the posting part. I just read pages and pages of bitching about how terrible the episode was.  Then I read the same thing about every episode they listed on there. Just pages and pages of ranting and complaining about how terrible the episode is. And mind you, this is a “fan” site.

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on Feb 11, 2012

*points at Jar Jar Binks*

I have better things to do that complain about Jar Jar Binks, sure he is annoying, but he is also harmless next to TCW and the Legacy era books and comics, which are just bad taste as far as I am concerned.

on Feb 11, 2012

The only good thing that came from Jar Jar was some robot chicken jokes.

on Feb 11, 2012

but the padwan Anakin had grated my cheese whenever she called him "Sky guy".

Ahsoka Tano is Anakin's Padawan, no wonder I can't stand her, the whiny brat.

on Feb 11, 2012

Personally, I need my S/F a little more mature and cerebral.

Are you ready for this then...

The article about the relaunch of Space 1999 is here. Unfortunately, I think it's being remade by the same folks that remade 'V'.

on Feb 11, 2012

Don't look at some of the Old Republic game boards. Nothing but complaining there too.


Understatement of the year.

Of course I love to troll them so I enjoy the whining.

on Feb 12, 2012

"The ability to speak does not make you intelligent" - Qui-gon Jinn

So true...

on Feb 17, 2012

You mean this thread?  I read the first two pages and didn't find any flaming.

on Feb 18, 2012

BSG was great, but it has the same portion of ridiculous fans. I hope someone realizes that this franchise has some more potential sales. No reason there couldn't a next generation....

Well, there is a "between" generation who will start these year ( pilot planned for release on syfy in ocktober )... it is about the story of the young Adama during the first cyclon war... serie is called "BSG : blood & chrome"

on Feb 18, 2012

it is about the story of the young Adama during the first cyclon war... serie is called "BSG : blood & chrome"

Oh, let the fracking series'll end up like the Star Trek 'franchise'....done to death till it's jumping sharks.

on Feb 18, 2012

Well, the Star Trek 2009 was not so bad... more easy to write a good story for a 1.5 to 2 hours film that for a series who last several year... by the way, the following ( ) of the Star Trek 2009 is planned to be release next year...

But yes, i agree that as today, it seem that scenarist/writer lack of idea for make good NEW science fiction... plenty of remake with impressive 3D cgi effect but where the original story is reduce to almost nothing... not a lot of new thing was made since the previous century !!!

on Feb 18, 2012

It isn't going to happen... maybe as a web series.

on Feb 18, 2012

I think that you are wrong... too much big money in it for a web release... the 2009 version have cost 150 million $$$ but bring 385 million $$$ from cinema only... add to this the DVD/blue-ray release who add 5.7 million DVD and 1.1 million blue-ray in the first week...

More, the original cast have already sign for 2 sequel... and last month, Benedict Cumberbatch have sign for the villain role of Khan after the refusal of Benicio del Toro...

Release is planned for 17 May 2013... well, previous planned release was june 2012... so, there is nothing certain about release date...

As for sci-fi, there is almost nothing today... i can only hope for planned film/series in the future... same a grap series will be better that the horror/vampire series that they put in the sci-fi fact, the only series with "vampire" alike that i have love was in the serie called "earth final conflict" ( a other Gene Roddenberry sci-fi serie from 1997, not very well know)...  


on Mar 01, 2012

The Revenge of the Sith novelization fixes the plot of the movie Revenge of the Sith.

Agreed. The novel has great dialog and thought especially between Anakin and Palpatine.