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We’ve got N resources and M things to work on. Based on your experiences with beta 2, where would you like N to go the most?

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on Mar 03, 2012

For my personal point of view, Elemental seems to not fit my taste of game at all even if master of magic is one of my favorite video game. Elemental has none of the elements that makes MOM addictive and that cannot be changed without changing the core game play. So this is why it's not appealing to me anymore, but other people might like. One of the reason why it does not hook me up is the pacing. The gameplay is so slooow. It takes 6 turns to build a spearmen ... Seriously!? I can't imagine the knight

Since the game progress is so slow, the players receives little feedback from the game which makes him drop off the game. The idea behind CIV, MOM and MOO is that there is always something new that happens to hook you up and make you dream about what you could do with this new feature. In elemental, it's wait, wait and wait again then Oh! something happened ... but who cares because I need to wait even more before it gets meaningful. 

Buildings take more than 1 turn in MoM to be built. So did to recruit units. Much like in FE. In both games you need more than a basic city to have stuff being produced fast.

on Mar 03, 2012

Actually, larienna has a point. Allowing for faster production allows for larger unit battles and more tactical options/configurations for the player to use and take into account.

on Mar 03, 2012

City management is the weak link right now. Everything else just needs a bit more content added or to be balanced. City management however barely exists at all. Before more content gets added or they worry too much about fine tuning balance they need to actually figure out how cities are going to work.

I suggest here allowing players to specialize cities around resources.

on Mar 03, 2012

Re: larienna

Things are slow, but it's not the city pace that bothers me. It's the Sov and lack of starting units. Sovs have steadily changed from Essence wielding badasses to infantile weaklings. The start of the game is slow because Sovs can't go out and fight. The building and training pace is fine as long as There is something to do while we wait. Act I is very lacking.

on Mar 03, 2012

Re: larienna

Things are slow, but it's not the city pace that bothers me. It's the Sov and lack of starting units. Sovs have steadily changed from Essence wielding badasses to infantile weaklings. The start of the game is slow because Sovs can't go out and fight. The building and training pace is fine as long as There is something to do while we wait. Act I is very lacking.

This and the need to research basic technologies like swords, leather armor, mining, ...

on Mar 03, 2012

I don't mind the researching for technologies, it makes me feel like a fletchling nation.  I also don't mind waiting a while for new recruits. If you want quick fodder, then you should make some weak and untrained troops. Do you want faster research, just set the research settings to quick. I personaly make the world a lot harsher, by setting the monsters to wide spread and strong and setting the shards and resources to sparse. I just mis a roaming monster button to make my cities a lot less secure and monster lairs that can "reproduce" other lairs.

P.S. I see the game as a war against "nature". The other factions are secondary for me.

on Mar 03, 2012

I voted more love for modding. Well, actually I would have if it were there, so I voted for more spells instead because that would probably affect modding the most.

on Mar 03, 2012

On the factions, I wonder if they've thought of starting each faction with a tech that would differentiate it from the others. Tarth for example, could start with longbows and archers unlocked (are there crossbows in the game?). Another 'magic' faction might start with mages unlocked and another with defensive tech unlocked. Yet another could start with diplomacy tech unlocked and yet another could start with economy tech unlocked. There's enough tech to do this with all the factions, I think. Especially if you had one faction of fallen and one faction of empire with each type of unlock.

This would make playing each one of the factions very different from the start without having to do a whole lot otherwise to the mechanics of the game. That way if you wanted to play a "magic" race, then you'd play one of the ones with mages/magic unlocked from the start. If you like ranged units, play the archer race, and so on. The other thing this does is make the start of the game faster since some techs are unlocked right from the beginning. Meaning you have certain buildings, units and equipment available right away to produce.

If you chose the "diplomatic" race to play, you'd be at a disadvantage from a military standpoint so you'd have to use diplomacy to fend off your neighbors. Same thing for playing the "economy" faction. You'd have to outproduce your rivals to gain an edge in power. It would make for very different play styles. Of course balance is another issue there and I'm not sure how much that matters or how hard it would be to address.

On another note, I really have to wonder why they included "stability" at all as one of the poll choices. It seems to me that stability is a given 'must have' and should not even be up for a vote by users. They have no choice but to concentrate resources heavily on stability. Not to do so would be disaster. If they release an unstable FE after how the first game was received, they will be crucified by the gaming press and gamers alike. It doesn't matter how great your game is if it will not run or crashes constantly. It would really hurt Statdock's reputation for putting out quality products. Just a bit disturbing that they might be thinking otherwise. For that reason I did not vote for stability. Even though it is the most important item on the list.

on Mar 03, 2012

I think starting with Archery (or Longbows for that matter) would be "too much"


I think everyone should start with basic Slingers (slingshots using stones n rocks)


I suppose there are only 6 starting techs, and 10 factions ... but having most factions start with a (starting) tech would be nice.


Maybe as a bonus to Trogs, instead of just starting with Standing Armies, they could also start with Weapons.


-> Allowing all civs to start with one of the basic techs, and making Tech-Traits be a tier 2 tech ... would be better imho


(without tech traits, you get the starting tech you normally would, but if you start with a tech trait, you don't get conventional starting techs, and instead get the prereqs for the Tier 2 tech(s) you selected) ... this would give an additional advantage for customs that want two tech traits-> A choice that is severely gimped imho.

--> Currently tech traits seem more like a weakness than a strength imho, and this suggestion would imo fix that.

on Mar 03, 2012

I voted for stability, if you can't play the game the other factors aren't important!


If stability was not an issue though, then I would have voted for AI improvement. g

on Mar 03, 2012

I voted for faction differentiation.


If I had to prioritize different aspects of the game to flesh out, it would be the following:

(1) Faction differentiation.

(2) Weapon balance/diversity 

(3) Spell diversity

(4) City management

on Mar 03, 2012

The game that I compare FE most to is FFH2 (which I thought was great - better than the game it modded, Civ4).

One of the best things about it was how the factions were differentiated:
- custom units
- custom spells
- custom buildings
- custom heroes

Each faction played very differently, and they didn't feel like clones of each other.  The factions themselves were very different (vampires, golems, centaurs, etc); combine the factions with different religions (which themselves provided different units/spells/buildings/technology and different goals), then there was a wide range of variability and replayability.  

Each enemy faction had to be fought differently, as one tactic wouldn't work against each opponent; it kept the game from becoming stale.  The faction-specific tech and units each faction had complemented that faction, and helped add color and depth.

If FE can achieve the same level of faction differentiation, it would be a great game-

on Mar 03, 2012

I chose Faction Differentiation but I'm not even really all that concerned about that aspect of the game any more. They weren't on the list but the two areas I think must be worked on are:



User Interface


on Mar 03, 2012

User Interface is definitely a key point.

I didn't think about that last time I made my points breakdown because none of the options screamed out "User Interface"

still, I think Faction Differentiation and AI is more important.

New and Improved priority scoring by Tasunke:


Faction Differentiation: 98

  Artificial Intelligence: 97

            User Interface: 60

          Tactical Battles: 45

           Everything Else: 20 and below

on Mar 03, 2012

AI/Faction differentiation (see below), Tacticle combat (city walls with balistas/catapults, moats, archers on walls), spells 

I think giving the 'neutrals' (ogres, trolls, bandits, mites, etc.) of the world, that have a certain lvl of intellegence, the ability to have diplomatic talks & the ability to create additional camps would add alot of 'sim' feel & flavor to the world.  I say we turn all these neutrals into 'minor factions' and give them some life rather than have them mindless beasts that can't be reasoned with. 


I think of a world where you could choose a large (extra large?) map with only a few major factions involved, giving plenty of room for these 'neutrals' to grow into a horde with multiple camps controlled by a common leader and with wars between the minor factions which one could gain their favor by joining the 'wildlings' against the 'ogres' of the northern lands.


I've played several games to about turn 600ish now, & everytime I"m dissapointed in the lack of character the 'neutrals' have.  They mope around untill they're finally knocked out = boring  ------- Turn them into little nations that grow & interact with the world