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Published on April 2, 2012 By Draginol In Pets & Nature

The puppy likes our sons but absolutely adores the 5 year old. It’s a weird thing.

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on Apr 05, 2012

Lord Xia
Edited due to poor taste.


Quoting it is also in poor taste....

on Apr 05, 2012

starkers, you probably should edit yours too. Not much reason for him to delete his if yours quotes.

on Apr 05, 2012

Science still can't accurately predict weather nor can science ascertain the nature of love.

Yep, what Xiandi said.

on Apr 05, 2012

This thread got dark real quick. Thanks internet! 

on Apr 05, 2012

And funny.  

on Apr 09, 2012

Dogs sense the protectiveness of those around them.  I suspect the puppy is merely mimicking the boys and you.