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What television series would you recommend to someone to start from scratch?

For instance, I’ve never watched Lost but I don’t think I could handle 7+ years or whatever it was of shows mainly because I heard the show ended up like X-Files where the creators were kind of winging it.

Any suggestions?

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on May 01, 2012

I am doing a long term Star Trek Marathon in chronological order, which is difficult to do given all the time travel. I am almost done with Star Trek: TNG and can finally watch past the intro to Generations. This is just after my 5 year long adventure into every episode of Doctor Who. Makes Star Trek seem easy. 

on May 01, 2012

Uh. The Golden Girls? lol


Not that I have all 7 seasons on DVD and watch every day at least one episode a day.


on May 01, 2012

I also highly recommend Burn Notice, one of the best television shows ever made.


on May 01, 2012

Well you already talked about Star Trek so....



Battlestar Galactica

Cowboy Bebop (great anime full of win and the music is great! series and movie)


Babylon 5 (haven't seen in it in a long time)

Stargate (holy crap its long and SG1 and Atlantis)

Farscape (also haven't seen in a long time)

Ghost in the shell (series and movies) yes sometimes the animation isn't top quality but still great show! (I want another season damn it)


How I meet your mother


on May 01, 2012

seanw3, how can you watch every episode of Doctor Who, there are some episodes that have been really, truly permanently lost so it is not possible to watch all of them.

on May 01, 2012

The ones that were erased by the Cybermen still have the audio, just not the video component. They put together picture taken of the episode and play them sequentially with the audio. It is still very much better than much of today's TV. 

on May 02, 2012

Man Boston Legal was genius. Kudos to the guy who say NCIS, not the Los Angeles one. However, I got to watch the old series, like Hawaii Five-O, not 0. HIMYM has gotten so off track, I am not sure which stories are just fillers or just a really long way of saying, "kids, I met your mother at a bar, we have sex the first night and got her pregnant, so we went out and we hit it off and we got married."

on May 02, 2012

First two seasons of "24" - really outstanding TV.

HOB series "Carnivàle"


on May 02, 2012

Prison Break... a good conspiracy-type thriller

Ringer... a good twin bad twin thing with various twists and turns

on Jan 29, 2013

Games of Thrones is one of the best show. I love this show. This show is running very well and getting good response. I am also big fan of this show.

on Jan 29, 2013

8 episode miniseries, conceptually awesome SciFi: Outcasts. Give it a try. Might not be your thing. Or then it might.




on Jan 29, 2013

-Doctor Who (NEW)


-Warehouse 13





on Jan 29, 2013

Last Resort.  I've seen previews of this and it looks quite interesting.  It's about a nuclear sub captain who's given orders to launch missiles.  When he doesn't the sub is attacked by not so friendly friendly fire.

on Jan 29, 2013

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on Jan 29, 2013

Black Adder

Game of Thrones

The Walking dead