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It was twenty years ago this week that I started playing the Civilization series.  I remember it well as I got enough birthday money to buy a copy of it.  I played and played and I discovered something fascinating – the birds start to sing in south eastern Michigan at around 4:30am. 

The game changed my life.  Civilization was the first “4X” game I ever played and I’ve been hooked every since.  It inspired me to become a game developer.  Two years later, Stardock was incorporated (while I was still in college).

So here’s you to, Sid Meier. Game crack dealer to a generation. Thank you! The single greatest game of all time by the greatest game designer of all time.

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on Jul 01, 2012

Absolutely. Civ games were and still are the best strategy games ever. They also changed my life. In fact, that was the main reason for doing what I do these days, which is mostly read, talk and write about 4X games. Thanks Sid for so many years of excellent entertainment. Live long and prosper Sir, so that we can have more of these wonderful games.

So, Brad, I see that Sid also changed your life, thank god for that (GalCiv2, Sins of a Solar Empire and more 4X games to come ...).

on Jul 02, 2012


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 In 1993 I saw the first Civ advertised in a computer magazine; a picture of an Egytian sarcophagus under a modern cityscape and started saving up for a pc right away. Got the game with its two or three 5 1/4 inch floppies and read the manual for at least a month before even installing it(for some reason, I thought losing would be a really bad experience and wanted to be an expert out of the gate). Great times from I through IV (and SMAC).


The manual for Civ and Civ 2 were proper manuals! Civ 2 especially was huge!

 I remember needing the manual when your game was interrupted by a screen asking you to identify an image on page n to continue playing.

What is the third word in the second paragraph on page 75 of the manual?

I forgot about those days!