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Published on February 18, 2013 By Draginol In Pets & Nature

My dog Bailey turns 2 years old this week!



Bailey when we brought her home



Bailey recently


Do you have a pet? What do they look like?

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on Mar 04, 2013

Classic pet rock!

on Mar 04, 2013

when they pass on it's pretty upsetting.
Yes, it is. Our little girl Bashful is 14 and my wife and I both dread the day she will leave us.

And the old boy, Puma. He's 12.

And the new kid, Smokey. He's only two and the most lovable cat I have ever met.

All of them are spoiled rotten(I blame the wife)

on Mar 05, 2013

BTW, nice pics everyone, and thanks for the OP Draginol.

on Mar 05, 2013

  i tryed to upload my cat but never done it before so no luck ..

great photos

on Mar 05, 2013

Nice kitties Wizard! Used to have one very similar to "Bashful", cancer got her at 18 and it broke our hearts.

on Dec 19, 2013

I was hoping this thread would be more popular, anyways I suppose I had better post something a bit more "mainstream".

Here is my German Shepherd Dog, his parents were imported from Czechoslovakia and both had won grand championships in the SVK and Schutzhund training.

Nevertheless His temperment is very good for a workline breed, somewhat dominant, but not going to use fear or aggrerssion to assert himself. Rather he is stubborn or tries to "deflect" this issue, via initiating play. (also very mischivious)

Harmon at nine weeks old, and the first day home. (late march)

Harmon at 8/1/2 months and 82 pounds.




on Dec 19, 2013

lovely Shepherd Polistes.. 

nice to see everyone's furkids... and some shell, scale & feather kids... 


my 3rd Shepherd, but 1st boy... Gunther..


Gunther meeting Chloe the poodle at 6 weeks... instantly smitten and of course, the poodle (bitch) was the boss...


Best buddies...



Chloe with Charlie the cockatiel... also best mates... the cockatiel was bought up with the poodle since a baby, thus, she thought she was a poodle..

great little guard bird... used to sit next to the poodle barking at the front door, chirping wildly... and slept on the back of the poodle's cane basket when not in her home... or in winter, sitting on the poodle's back in front of the fire...




on Dec 19, 2013

Cute kids Syd!

My buddy "Radar." Yellow Fronted Amazon about 27 years old.



on Dec 19, 2013


He's a cute little guy!

on Dec 19, 2013

Sir Maximus of Cloud, 11 yr old 120 lb puppy, he loves everything and everyone.


on Dec 19, 2013

My little crazy family..

on Dec 19, 2013

^^ Wonderful pup, Don.

^ Gorgeous kitties, Marius and Wiz. Love the pics..."Radar" the noisy as well, Steve.

Meet Zane the cat:

on Dec 19, 2013

I love Zane the cat. She's very beautiful. Does she speak English?

on Dec 19, 2013

He speaks cat.

Only cat.

"But dull hoomans can't understand", sez Zane.

on Dec 19, 2013

Hahaha, OK so she's a tomcat actually Anyways he's adorable. Please tell him that "Marius te place foarte mult".