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Recently I was involved in a discussion regarding the two Boston Marathon bombers.  It started off with someone expressing concern about the amount of anger and hatred being directed towards the bombers.

I am dismayed and afraid about the amount of hate and vengeance for the two who planted the bombs. It is spreading the attitude of vengeance in our country. I saw a quote from Ghandi this morning which I have not verified, but it struck me as true. "An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind". What is the difference between those two and us wanting to kill them?

This comment launched a discussion that had one side advocating that we should try to understand – show “empathy” towards how people could become so “disenfranchised” that they would commit such violent acts?  They also argued that it was unhealthy for us, as a society, to feel so much anger, hate and a desire for vengeance against the perpetrators.

I disagree.

We have the ability to indulge ourselves in this discussion precisely because we live in a civilization that instinctively and actively removes the monsters from society. We should be thankful that the instinctive emotion by our society is anger, disdain and hate towards these monsters and not empathy or compassion.

A civilization that frets too much on whether it's acceptable to dehumanize monsters has little expectation to survive in the long-run. It only took two monsters to shut down Boston. And I think we all know that there are many many edge cases out there that could become such monsters.  Our civilization could be severely disrupted by a handful of individuals like the Boston Marathon bombers.  We should show no tolerance whatsoever for individuals that act in this way.

Therefore, as a society that seeks to survive, we should absolutely show the maximum amount of disdain, disgust and contempt for human beings to engage in such behavior. We should absolutely make it clear that people who engage in this act are so loathed that we no longer even think of them as human but rather as animals, vermin, and monsters. We so reject their actions that we figuratively have kicked them out of our species.

I think it's intellectually facile to argue that it's somehow "wrong" to dehumanize human beings like this. At best, it's the result of not thinking through the consequences of what would happen if a significant plurality of our society showed an ounce of compassion or empathy towards these kinds of monsters. And at worst, it's simply indulging in feel-good sanctimonious back patting (i.e. "Look at me, I'm an intellectual because I imagine that intellectuals are above feeling 'negative' human emotions).

If we want to keep our society, we better hope that people continue to think of human beings that would seek to destroy them as monsters, vermin, animals and worse.  “What is evil?” someone asked. Pointlessly and indiscriminately murdering innocents who were there to support loved ones participating in an event that celebrated excellence. That’s evil.

Just my 2 cents.

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on Apr 22, 2013

“... Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

That was one wise old gremlin.

on Apr 23, 2013

What most of you think about the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

An action that caused the death of thousands of innocent people.


what twaddle... there was no such thing as an 'innocent' Japanese.... their sons/brothers/husbands/fathers were brutal soldiers devoid of compassion or basic human decency in a war started by...them...

they would have happily enjoyed their spoils of war had they been successful... and I would have been a slave in my own country...

We had Jap submarines in Sydney Harbour... Jap reconnaissance plains flying over Sydney and the east coast of Australia... Darwin was bombed...they were breathing down our necks ready to hop from New Guinea over to invade Australia... only stopped by some incredibly brave, resilient, determined soldiers in horrendous conditions....

You won't get any sympathy from Aussies on the Japanese... even now... their record of savagery is well entrenched in our minds... even more so with ANZAC Day just around the corner.... WE... don't forget... 

The actions of the US put an end to the war and 'saved' many 'innocent' lives.... hopefully, it will also serve as a deterrent for countries bent on aggression now and in the future...

Australia will always be grateful to the US for their help... we are a large country, but with only a small population... tonight, a child will be born who will be the 23 millionth Australian....  and will be born free.... not under Japanese rule..

on Apr 23, 2013

Australia will always be grateful to the US for their help... we are a large country, but with only a small population... tonight, a child will be born who will be the 23 millionth Australian.... and will be born free

G-d bless your beloved Diggers and all who would sacrifice their lives to stand between families and war's desolation.

on Apr 23, 2013

a war started by...them...

ummm, yeahhh

The US is great at starting economic war which usually leads to a shooting war, and even if the surrounded country does not take the bait and attack, they will invent one, like the Gulf of Tonkin, or quite possibly the Maine. I find it quite shameful that 'history is written by the victors' or as Napoleon quite aptly stated, "History is a set of lies agreed upon".

How U.S. Economic Warfare Provoked Japan’s Attack on Pearl Harbor

Ask a typical American how the United States got into World War II, and he will almost certainly tell you that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and the Americans fought back. Ask him why the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, and he will probably need some time to gather his thoughts. He might say that the Japanese were aggressive militarists who wanted to take over the world, or at least the Asia-Pacific part of it. Ask him what the United States did to provoke the Japanese, and he will probably say that the Americans did nothing: we were just minding our own business when the crazy Japanese, completely without justification, mounted a sneak attack on us, catching us totally by surprise in Hawaii on December 7, 1941.

You can’t blame him much. For more than 60 years such beliefs have constituted the generally accepted view among Americans, the one taught in schools and depicted in movies—what “every schoolboy knows.” Unfortunately, this orthodox view is a tissue of misconceptions. Don’t bother to ask the typical American what U.S. economic warfare had to do with provoking the Japanese to mount their attack, because he won’t know. Indeed, he will have no idea what you are talking about.

read the rest


Everybody really needs to stop watching TV or getting their history from Hollywood. Try doing some independent research.

on Apr 23, 2013

Considering the atomic bombs saved more lives than they took I can see no reason why people are bitching.... Because a land invasion would have killed millions of men, women, and children all indoctrinated to die for teh emperor.


And the reason there was an economic "war" by the USA to Japan was Japan's blatant aggression towards China. So kindly take a seat over there.


Someone asked what the suspects motives were:

According to the surviving suspect he and (mainly) his brother wanted to "defend Islam".

on Apr 23, 2013

“... Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

This is one of the  greatest Yoda quotes and we should live by it. Fear is also the path to the dark side of the force so if we fear then we would be willing to do everything to resolve it-even the darkest of things. We would essentially become the enemy ourselves.


I just want to let everyone know that it is impossible to stop the death of innocents so do not fear death but accept it (I think this was yoda too). What we should do is advance forward, improve our prevention system and network. This could take 100, 1000 or even millions of years before we reach Vorlon (Babylon 5) standards.

The problem with society is the scope in which we see things, how we look forward and to what extent. We should fight to survive but not become evil in the process. In time we will find all those responsible but more will take their place if they are served justice or if they die. Theres no stoping the cycle of life--this is how it should be--this is the learning curve that the heavens set for our race.

You have to understand that in our life time we cannot solve this by vengeance because innocent people will still die. If you do it out of the satisfaction of revenge then you are no better and we should not fear death and refuse it-it will happen. We must rise to the challenge to fight evil not with evil but with logic, order and compassion.


on Apr 23, 2013

I think it's a safe bet to say....Yoda wasn't real.

When looking for 'direction' in life's philosophy it's probably wise to avoid popular [crap/childish] fiction ...

on Apr 23, 2013

Because a land invasion would have killed millions of men, women, and children all indoctrinated to die for teh emperor.

Posting sources like CNN, that use unnamed government officials as their source, I can see why you are so misinformed. CNN is nothing but a government propaganda broadcaster. It is NOT "according to the the surviving suspect", it is not even by someone that will show their face.


Was Hiroshima Necessary?

Why the Atomic Bombings Could Have Been Avoided 

No fancy background effects or semi-hot dimwits reading government prepared statements for you, but give it a try.


on Apr 23, 2013

I think all this WW2/A-bombs and Pearl are all just a little bit off track.

The OP is referencing the 'morality' or lack of...of the bombers in Boston.

It's probably better to stick a little closer to that...

on Apr 23, 2013

While I agree subjects should stay on track to the OP, I disagree that this is that far off track. US foreign policy is at the heart of the matter and most likely the root cause of all recent terrorist actions. But I can see why most want to use a single band-aide to cure leprosy.

on Apr 23, 2013

I disagree that this is that far off track.

It's far enough it's an entire whole world of potential argument.  Example...I can add... more bombs were dropped on Darwin in one attack than anywhere on US soil ever...and there were 202 such attacks....and I have/had an uncle who 'survived' Changi I know exactly what the real world was like at the time.

So...instead...let's all get back a bit more on topic....

on Apr 23, 2013

I think it's a safe bet to say....Yoda wasn't real.

When looking for 'direction' in life's philosophy it's probably wise to avoid popular [crap/childish] fiction ...


Crap jafo says- crap that's logical and morally correct and that has inspired millions for being a strong foundation to live by. I think the only crap childish fiction flying around is lifes philosophy being based on crap ideology of dead symbols long dead.


I think its safe to say that Science fiction is a strong foundation for the future of man kind-not people who tarnish its validity which shows just who is afraid when they say they need  direction and not to take lifes philosophy from scifi characters who make sense.


Which begs the question: Who is right and who is wrong? Are scifi characters wrong and are real people right? Philosophy is dogma and people believe that.


SHE was a good person. SHE deserves compassion. These animals do not, not in any shape or form. They can rightfully rot in hell.


Apologies but you won't win thinking like this. As much as I want to nuke some corners of this planet and call it retribution I don't because I don't want that other part of me taking over. Bloody thirst vengeance is delightful, amazing, gives a rush and satisfaction that showed them that there should be balance: Eye for an Eye.

In the end you will just loose.

You cant win because you become a bad-good always wins even if it takes a millennia but we have learnt a lesson and should try our best to find and prevent these people from doing it again. We may fail but so what...



End the sins story with the advent destroying the Tec in an act of vengeance and Vasari destroying the advent in an act of survival-- the aliens destroying the vasari, the universe imploding and destroying the rest.

 Retribution, vengeance, deserved punishment and a sinful end. Awesome!!!

on Apr 23, 2013

I can add... more bombs were dropped on Darwin in one attack than anywhere on US soil ever...and there were 202 such attacks....and I have/had an uncle who 'survived' Changi

Can't argue with that piece of history.   Can't say as much for the other comments I responded too.


I agree, Yoda rocks. And threads like this need a little levity sometimes.

on Apr 23, 2013

I'm sorry to hear about your loss of a loved one Jafo.

on Apr 23, 2013


Bullshit ... I think you are forgetting the invasion of russia and china before hand, how about you stop taking snippets off the nutter press and read a bit of history yourself.