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Out for some paint ball fun
Published on October 19, 2003 By Draginol In Blogging
My wife and I and friends played paint ball today. There we were in our camoflauge battling it out. What a work out. I realized something today. I am way WAY out of shape. My wife did remarkably well, especially considering it was her first time out there.

How many guys are lucky enough to have a wife who will shoot at them with a gun? Er, nevermind.
on Oct 20, 2003
Now if I could just find a girl that owns me in Counter-Strike and I will be all set.
on Oct 20, 2003
I could shoot at you if that would make you feel better
on Oct 20, 2003
I would pay to see the girl who would own you in counterstrike! Matter a fact, that should be your pickup line from now on. "Excuse me, Do you play CS?....YOU DO?!!!! Marry me now!"
on Oct 20, 2003
Paintball is fun =D

Glad you had a good time.