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It’s amazing how much Ashes of the Singularity has changed in just a few months.  It was only released back in May and here we are in December as I write this and it’s undergone a lot of changes.

Below I want to outline some of things we have on our plate for 2017:


Next year we’re going to introduce Juggernauts.  These are T4s

image image image


The T4s will be to the T3s what the T3s are the the T2s.  They will be substantially bigger than T3s and move correspondingly slower.  Very few games will see these units show up because they will cost so much.  The PHC and Substrate are scheduled to receive 3 each.

New T3s

We intend to provide 2 more T3s for both the Substrate and the PHC. 

If you look at the current crop of T3s, you can see the gaps already in each faction’s procurement.  The war between the PHC and the Substrate has required each side to learn from the other.

New T1s

The PHC will be receiving the Havok probably in early Winter if all goes well.  The Havok is an expensive, fast, short-ranged but deadly frigate. It is designed for raiding across the map against those who foolish expand too fast without fortifying at all.

The Substrate, by contrast, is scheduled to get the Hypnotist, a T1 that does no damage but instead will stun enemy units for brief amounts of time.

How much?

All of the above will be released as FREE DLC for both players of the base game and Escalation

Expansion 2: Tides of War

The second expansion’s release date is very much dependent on where Star Control: Origins is.  We have a lot of engineers and artists on Star Control right now but if we’re running ahead of schedule we are hoping we can get to Tides of War by end of next Summer (no promises).  Tides of War will be handled as a DLC (i.e. not stand-alone) for Escalation.  The current plan is to introduce 7 naval units per faction along with maps with water on them.

Hints on the third race:

If you played the Escalation campaign, you already know the third race and the fourth race is alluded to.  When will they show up? That is heavily dependent on sales + engineering/art resources being available.  Neither the third or fourth races use gravity channeling.

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on Dec 04, 2016

Awesome stuff, you're winning with these updates, keep 'em rolling.

To double check, is that 1 new T3 unit for each faction?

And yes, excellent choice on the Juggernauts, can't wait to deploy them.



on Dec 04, 2016

Excellent news. Can't wait to see the sizes of the Juggernauts compared to Dreadnaughts. Looks like ashes future is looking real good and thanks for the update(s). Excellent news indeed. 

on Dec 04, 2016

Brad what a fantastic early present you give with all those update.

With the new t4 units the t3 units could speed up a bit...

I remember wait to test the alpha with all that bugs, the game grow up so so fast to bether, that future its smille to startdock games.

Im keep an eye on  Star Control: Origins seems very interesting.


The new units are very good on choice designs, players will love it.

Did i saw naval units and 3/4 faction that use gravity channeling dream right !!!!


That the other game dev, put the eyes on your team and learn with you guys.


on Dec 05, 2016

That's fantastic.  Can you tell us more about the juggernauts abilities and the type of naval units planned?

By getting to Tides of War, I presume starting on it by the summer? Not releasing it?

on Dec 05, 2016


on Dec 05, 2016

Definitely see the inspiration from tec reb titan.. love it!!


on Dec 05, 2016

It would bee two new T3s for each faction. So a total of 4 new T3s.


on Dec 05, 2016

More stuff is coming than I could have ever hoped for. I'm very excited for what lies ahead.

on Dec 05, 2016


It would bee two new T3s for each faction. So a total of 4 new T3s.



Oh, i must have mis-read that I thought only 1 for each. so a total of 5 T3's for each faction. Even better news if I read that correctly. 



on Dec 06, 2016

That's what is called happiness, and right now I am happy as hell!


So 4 small questions, what is happening with the Map Editor and Scenario Editor?

Will we see Updates and optimization for us the users?

When will they be released for all the players without adding the -modding in the executable?

Any updates on when the Steam workshop will be Enabled?


on Dec 21, 2016

Weapon diversity?

Level up system?

How much do they cost?


on Dec 22, 2016

Basic land units in this game are already called frigates, cruisers, and juggernauts, which are usually used to describe naval vessels.  What will you call the actual naval units being introduced with the expansion?    

on Dec 29, 2016

Gosh, you all just keep on impressing. I'll be picking up a copy of Escalation for my younger brother once my finances have settled down a little. Keep up the great work!

on Dec 29, 2016

How about making the Substrate P4 airborne? At least one, if not all of them?

Anyway, the factions dont need just bunch of new units, but some kind of sophisticated tech-tree to differentiate factions further. They still lack any semblance of character or uniqueness when comparing one to another, Escalation done very little in this regard. Just bunch of new units does not cut it.

on Jun 04, 2017


It would bee two new T3s for each faction. So a total of 4 new T3s.



What time frame?