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So I did a lot of changes on Ashes balance over the holiday and the team was asking for those changes to be checked in.

I said, "Sorry! I forgot to check them in, they're at home..."


Then suddenly, I realized, I had taken my work machine home to do those changes and brought my work machine back to the office after break.

So I do have them here which means my balance and AI tweaks can go in the upcoming update after all!

on Jan 12, 2017

Balance tweaks we can see on the patch notes, but perhaps you could share some of the AI tweaks you have made? Thanks

on Jan 12, 2017

ah thats great! Another Christmas mega cool!

on Jan 12, 2017
I am curious on how these changes are done? I mean, do you guys have a simulator, or is this all by eye?
on Jan 14, 2017

What sort of AI tweaks?