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Brad's Journal: Dec 1
Published on November 30, 2003 By Draginol In Blogging

Thoughts of the day...

I updated my msstyles rant.  It amazes me that someone out there would actually pay money to patch their uxtheme file. I'm surprised Microsoft hasn't busted "companies" that make a profit selling cracks to the gullible.

Tomorrow I'm speaking to U of M on software development and about the game industry.

Tuesday I'm off to LA on business and won't be back until late Wednesday. I really hate traveling. I mean I can't understate it. I REALLY hate travel. I could write a blog just on that subject. I know that our company could be a lot bigger and I'd probably be a lot wealthier if I was willing to travel more but while I don't mind going to new places, the actual act of traveling drives me nuts. It's not flying that bugs me, it's the airports, train stations, whatever. It's just such a hassle. I don't like being inconvenienced. I'd pay an extra 25% on everything dealing with travel if they would just make flights on time, have more logical paths (no flying to Atlanta "on the way" to Las Vegas for instance).  The result is that I end up just paying for first class (or insist on at least business class if a client really needs me to fly out to visit) which of course makes things a lot tougher when dealing with us.  This is the part where someone emails me and says "You need a better management team." Duh. I know, this is one area we are weak as a company. We don't have a "Vice President" who can do this kind of thing. Who knows the whole company's business, is reasonable technical, and knows business. I'm the only "generalist" (knows all the things going on but focuses on none) in the company at present. Our management team is brilliant in the sense that they are amongst the best in the world at what they do. But because we do so many different things it's hard to keep an eye on all of it or understand the technology, business, and running of all of them at once. Or more to the point, one can't specialize on the various details AND keep track of all of it. So I'm the generalist. And that's not surprising (read next paragraph on how much stuff is going on at once).

So right now I've got this on my plate. That is, these are the projects I'm currently spending significant time in the next few weeks:

  • Galactic Civilizations 1.2 (have to code on that)
  • Galactic Civilizations Expansion Pack (have to code on that too)
  • The Political Machine (have to code on that)
  • Try to get WinCustomize back in action (have to help organize exactly how we're going to get new drives up, budget new servers, etc.)
  • Have to write up two WinCustomize Magazines to help get WinCustomize's traffic back on track.
  • We'll need to send a reminder to all skin authors who lost skins in the crash a reminder of what skins still need to be restored once we have the archive restored.
  • Have to work on promoting the Holiday Desktop suite both with C-net and on WinCustomize
  • Need to get Universe Metal 2004 out the door, that will mean coordinating the various project pieces
  • Need to work on DesktopX 2.1, that involves managing mainly and putting together objects, documentation, and marketing
  • Need to work on Object Desktop 2004's install. Not the coding (Kris does that) but making sure the install is totally seamless
  • Have to put together the default suites for Object Desktop 2004's CD.
  • Have to put together the rest of the Object Desktop 2004 documentation, that includes writing about 30 more pages, putting together 30 pages, and editing 30 more pages (90 pages on top of the existing 90 pages of which I wrote about 40 pages of).
  • Have to put together media kits on Object Desktop 2004.
  • Have to decide if Object Desktop 2004 is going to come out now or in January 2004. It's looking more like January due to the WinCustomize crash.
  • Will need to check in and update the WindowBlinds forum and help out there on news items and such as part of my news admin duties
  • Same for
  • Need to help on WindowBlinds 4.2 which includes putting together and deciding on default visual styles.

That's all between now and the holiday break.

on Dec 01, 2003
Wow... well all I can say is good luck (and get a Gameboy or something)!
on Dec 01, 2003
Sounds like you need a secretary. And a nap.

Don't worry, I'm sure someone appriciates your hard work, if no one else does- I do!

Then again, I'm a work-a-holic and I appriciate anyone who works as hard as I would love to be if I can just find a job in Idaho....
on Dec 01, 2003
pick potatoes toxic. lol. draginol, what you need is a vacation. and, like toxic said, a nap. good luck cuz it sounds like youre gonna need it. yeah, i just found out that wincustomize crashed when i went there and like most of the stuff isnt there any more. yeah, oh well, i am finally going to start submitting stuff there too cuz bieng a "citizen" is average and i wanna go above that. well, all i can say is good luck man. have fun.
on Dec 01, 2003
oh, and byr the way, i appreciate your hard work too! good job on the skins and the updates. thanks
on Dec 01, 2003
You forgot one:
Fix website so that people using text-based browsers can at least log into their accounts. *sigh*

The web is such a sloppy place (No, not directed at you. ^.^)
on Dec 01, 2003
Ahahaha...pick potatoes....haaa haa...ahem. *slap*
on Dec 01, 2003
Draginol: What's that I see, "Need to get Universe Metal 2004 out the door, that will mean coordinating the various project pieces", any new items in this release, or just an update to the existing suite. Either way, I'll pay.

toxic-erotica: Are you currently in Idaho? I'm a lifer, fortunately or unfortunately. What line of work are you looking towards (not that you want me to know)?
on Dec 02, 2003

you should look into chartered flights. Probably about the same cost as a short-notice first-class ticket but without 95% of the hassle. You can get them to leave from a local airport instead of just one of the major ones, you load your own bags into the plane because it's just got you and whoever you're bringing, so there's no gigantic security checkpoints, and the plane leaves about 5 minutes after you get in.
on Dec 02, 2003
i have a quiestion and i need help!!! how do i post news here?????????? help me, please.
on Dec 05, 2003
Yea, I just realized something lastnight. My brain made it's little rapid-firing of nerve endings and a thought formed. My husband loves that Galactic Civilization game. He plays it all the time. Well, he was playing the demo all the time. He just bought it on ebay or something and we're waiting for it to get here. He thinks it's "badass" and other such adjectives.

So yea. I just wanted to say so:P