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I thought console games were more solid?
Published on December 21, 2004 By Draginol In Console Games

Isn't one of the selling points of console games versus PC games that the console games are less buggy? That hasn't been my experience so far and right now, I'm pretty exasperated by it.

I'm enjoying the new Knights of the Old Republic game. I played the first one on my PC and loved it so much that I bought an Xbox pretty much to get this game. But it's glitchy.

Tonight I hit the biggest glitch yet, a game ending one. I escaped from the the planet Telos and as it loaded up the next screen it turned blank. Blank. Pitch black. I could get to the various menus including the map which looks corrupted or something. And I can ear the sounds around me. But I'm in a black void.

I save often when I'm in a dangerous situation but had not been saving in the area I had been because I was in no danger so I literally lost about 3 hours of game time as a result -- and there's no garauntee this won't happen again for all I know.


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on Dec 22, 2004
that's too bad, Draginol, I was an avid player of KOTOR -- best game Lucasarts had come out with in a long time IMO. Think I'll sit back and see if they can fix these issues before I buy it though. Thanks for the tip.
on Dec 22, 2004
It's a console game. They won't "fix" it and remanufacture. I guess we'll see how the PC version does.
on Dec 22, 2004

I've been playing more and the problem didn't repeat. So that's good at least.  It is disappoitningthat the dark side path wasn't fleshed out since they advertised that side of the game so much.

on Jan 12, 2005
kotor 2 was rushed for a Xmas release by lucas arts, obsidian had no choice in the matter.
Don't get me wrong, the game is bugged to hell, but the PC and International console version released in a couple of months should definetly be a much cleaned up code.
I had major issues on kotor2 like not being able to talk to members of my crew and the inability to progress in the story.
Luckily enough I have a modded xbox, I say lucky because unlike an un-modded xbox I was capable of deleting all the cached files on my xbox hard drive (usually residing in the X,Y or Z partition) which was causing problems due to the all the global variables getting messed up.
Don't even try to give me a hard time about having a modded xbox as I live in the UK and the ntsc and pal releases were about 4 moths apart, and no, I don't have a huge ass hard drive, I still just use the original as supplied with my machine.

All that said I've played through to what I think is the last battle and as soon as my xbox is back @ my house I'll just finish it off.
I will however definetly be investing in the International version when it's released.
on Jan 12, 2005
I'm nearing the end of KOTOR2 now and I've encountered a few bugs that required me to fall back to previous saves, some at the start of an area because I got a bug at the end of it. Got trapped in the tomb on Korriban for some reason after defeating the last ghost... had to reload from the start of the area... very frustrating

I've noticed a few consistency bugs too in conversations:
1) You get to decide at the start of the game what Revan's gender is from the previous game. I'm near the end, and the characters have all forgotten I set Revan to be a woman and they're all refering to Revan as "he"
2) When conversing with group NPCs on the ship and such, they often will refer to conversations I never actually had with them. It's like at some point the game forces all story lines to advance to a given point. It makes for some very confusing moments.

The biggest annoyance I had with the game was the main quest on Onderonn when you first get there. It bounces you back and forth between areas a dozen or so times in the course of a few minutes worth of gameplay. This makes a 5min quest take about 3 times as long as you have to keep dealing with the horrible load times.

I'm one planet from the end now... Somehow this game feels much smaller than the original, all of the worlds so far seem to be made up of 2-3 zones (Nar Shaddah being the exception) and no more. Dantooine in the first game had easily double that, and it was about on par with the rest of them. None of the planets were as deep as Tarsis (sp?) where you started the first game. It's kind of disappointing... and I know Obsidian isn't pleased with the results and largely blame it on devel time given by LA (they had less than a year to write, build and ship the game). Sadly I think the poor sales for KOTOR2 will mean we won't see a KOTOR 3... I like the plotline and want to see it continued.
on Jan 21, 2005
I know about 4-5 people with Xboxes vs about 30 with PS2s. The PS2 folks talk about their games. The Xbox guys talk about their bugs. 3 of us have issues where sometimes the box appears to have difficulty reading the disk and will take upto 20 minutes to finish whatever it is its reading - if it doesn't bail out entirely. Sometimes it gets corrupted and loads garbage in. Most of us are on our second or third Xbox - only to find the problems continued. We all bought from different places.

Perhaps Kotor1 pushed the limitations of the Xbox, but Kotor2 might as well be called "Kotor1 continued" there's nothing really new or exciting in it on the Xbox. Infact, all your old favorite bugs from the first engine are still there Quick example: Friendly AI only move toward you, so you will find yourself getting stuck countless times simply because none of your characters can move and you have to mess about with swapping chars in/out at xbox-like snails pace. Numerous NPCs get stuck in a sub-plot state or fail to come out of it (e.g. salvagers still have join the militia option).

I'm hoping the PC version is delayed not only for bug and content fixes but also because the PC version is going to be making full use of the video and sound features available to those of us with more sense than to buy a hunk'o'junk manufactured by Mickeysoft.

Summary: Don't buy Kotor2 Xbox unless you are a masochist.