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No spoiler first look
Published on November 5, 2003 By Draginol In Movies & TV & Books
If The Matrix was a 9 or 10 and Reloaded was maybe a 7. Then Matrix Revolutions is a 3 or 4.

Worst movie I've paid to see at a theatre in a long time. But I say that with a big caveat. No set of movies had built up expectations like The Matrix. Movies like "The One" that came out a year or two ago weren't any better than this. But the Matrix, and the story behind it, had been hyped up beyond belief.

A lot of the problem appears to me to be one of editing. A few extra scenes, a few scenes cut, and epilogues could have made a big difference. Instead, we're left with something that isn't really a conclusion but more like the end of a chapter in a larger story that I no longer care to know more about.
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on Nov 05, 2003
hehe...that didn't take long to write about

I have to agree. Matrix only got a 2 1/2 coffee cup rating from me.
on Nov 05, 2003
i actually liked the new one better than the second one. there was more humor and more action. ("g--damn this ship has a fat ass") they kept most of the annoying pseudo-philosophy to a minimum and the fights actually had something at stake. i would reverse the scores and give this one a 7 and reloaded a 5. (plus, i hate it when something ends with "to be continued" and i don't expect it) although there was one editing part where i agree: where neo is talking to the oracle in the kitchen and then in the next camera cut he seems like he was standing twice as close as he was before.

trinity was cool as always and i really liked the scene she says "we don't have time for this bs" and moves the plot along. i didn't like the fate of some characters but overal i liked the movie.

on Nov 05, 2003
I'll give it no more than 5/10 as a movie, 6 if we're doing bonus points for just being entertained.

Answers were rare, action sequences (while pretty cool) were stretched like chewing gum, closure for any number of things was lacking, and some of the editing made you wonder what scenes were in there at all.

Keeping this spoiler free for now.

on Nov 05, 2003
The Matrix was -about- the pseudo-philosophy, Russell.

I'm glad I had no plans on wasting money on this movie. Though one of the first things I did today when I had the free time was look around for all of the plot sysnopsis and spoilers that I could fine. Why? I thought it would be good for a laugh.

In part, I was right. I found out though, that it was also good for a lot of sad shaking of my head, and more than one "WTF" moment.

Still not going to go see it.
on Nov 05, 2003
To its credit, at least it wasn't Highlander 2.

on Nov 05, 2003
I hope that there are riots worldwide in response to this. I don't mind Hollywood wanting to milk things, but they should keep some bit of integrity and stop producing so many sequels (including prequels)! They should go back to just releasing the film with slightly cleaned up footage.
on Nov 05, 2003
Watching the Matrix Revolutions felt like getting dumped by your long time girlfriend for no reason
on Nov 06, 2003
I liked it. I thought that it was a lot better than I had expected it to me.

Maybe my low expectations caused it to seem to be better.

As the story went along, it really started to remind me of "Star Wars."
on Nov 06, 2003
"Worst movie I've paid to see at a theatre in a long time...."
You forgot "Kill Bill" the movie, sureley nothing could be worse then that

on Nov 06, 2003
Kill bill is that bad huh?
on Nov 08, 2003
Well where do i start on that crappy movie, first of all the stupid thing dont give you any closure, second of all, the fight scenes where kool, but a bit to much flying, it was like Matrix meets Dragon Ball Z (not that theres anything wrong wit it), but they where just crap, i expected neo to go Super Saien (if thats how ya spell it). I think the first quarter and a bit was really good, towards the middle it got boring, then at the end it just got bullsh*t...
on Nov 13, 2003
For me, "The Matrix Revolutions" was a very big disappointment, largely because (spoiler alert) the post-apocalyptic world of humans enslaved by machines remained intact--the ostensible situation the characters in the original "The Matrix" were fighting to resolve in the first place. At present, the observer is left to consider that the "free" humans in Zion have a charred hole for a home, destroyed defenses, and dead major characters--not exactly a stand-up-and-cheer ending, despite the overly-Technicolored sunset.

All Neo's grand fighting against Agent Smith, his threat to the Architect, his superhuman powers resolved nothing, ultimately. His Christ-like sacrifice, followed by his removal to the Avalon of the Machine City, accomplished a temporary truce vis-a-vis the humans and their machine masters--a cheat of an ending in which the viewer is returned the story to the beginning of the first movie. Taking the characters as represented, if Neo was "the One", and Smith--a "killed" program from the first installment--somehow derived his subsequent powers from him as noted in "The Matrix Reloaded", why could Neo not simply assimilate Smith and end that subplot in the second movie? Surely the liberation of humanity would be the more interesting plot to pursue?

To me, one should encourage other moviemakers--even phantom editors or monkeys at the zoo--to submit rewrites of "The Matrix Revolutions" on the Net. They couldn't do any worse than the Wachowski brothers. Which brings me to my other point: geeks cannot write believable dialogue between romantic leads. Would your wife, husband, etc., simply hug you in pity after viewing the vitreous humour of your seared and burst eyeballs dribbling down your scarred, charred face? Or would they scream until the paint peeled?

Really, I felt ripped off at the end of the film.
on Nov 14, 2003
a huge dissappointment, lot of unanswered questions. the poster read "every begining has an end" (so i think anyway)and that is total bullshit in this flm because it ends at the begining. i felt cheated. you can really tell this film was made at the same time as "reloaded". yeah i agree about trilogies and sequals only a few films have survived eg. lord of the rings, back to the future.
so in summeray matrix should have had a two and three
matix revolutions one of the worst films ever
on Nov 14, 2003
I hope you're listening Wachowskis, I don't like being exploited, so here's what I'm going to do

1) I'm not now going to buy the triple DVD special edition of the Matrix I assume you'll be releasing sometime next year
2) I'm going to sell my copy of 'The Matrix' on ebay cheap, so you don't get the royalties on someone buying a new copy.
3) Then I'm going to forget that The Matrix and you idiots ever existed
4) I'm going to make sure I NEVER NEVER pay to see anything either of you produce for the rest of your lives
5) I'm going to make sure no-one I know wastes money going to watch this film.
6) I would think some people are pissed off enough to want to harm you both, so I suggest you hole up somewhere remote for a couple of years
7) Gee you are such losers. Sure you have the money, but you have NO credibility at all for the rest of your lives
on Nov 15, 2003
How on earth anyone can rate the second or third film in comparison to the first, just astounds me. People are clearly lacking the ability to objectively judge a film. The first was ground breaking and it took a lot for a pair of relatively unknown geeks such as the Wachowskis to get the funding for one of THE most brilliant film experiences yet. The justified success of the first film obviously produced funding opportunities for another couple of films and then it has clearly all gone wrong. The brothers in and atempt to milk the public instead of leaving a brilliant film alone have chucked together two stupid, shallow and simply direly written films. We should be insulted. Do you hear me? Are you not insulted by a pair of hugely expensive films that you could have written better in a couple of afternoons. Because 'reloaded' and 'revolutions' bend and twist the fundamental elements of the originals' plot to create extra money spinning potential, they actually devalue it. Can you see now why Cameron was so opposed to making a third terminator movie? Because he has discretion and class. I can't believe I went to see these films and I think someone should write a movie about what this kind of thing tells us about a) the movie industry and the people in it and how stupid we have all become that we go to movies because we have been manipulated. I hope we don't forget how good movies such as the Matrix can be when they are made by genuine people. Don't buy the trilogy unless you really think you like the second and third films. Don't give them the money to insult us again.