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Published on November 5, 2003 By Draginol In Movies & TV & Books
If The Matrix was a 9 or 10 and Reloaded was maybe a 7. Then Matrix Revolutions is a 3 or 4.

Worst movie I've paid to see at a theatre in a long time. But I say that with a big caveat. No set of movies had built up expectations like The Matrix. Movies like "The One" that came out a year or two ago weren't any better than this. But the Matrix, and the story behind it, had been hyped up beyond belief.

A lot of the problem appears to me to be one of editing. A few extra scenes, a few scenes cut, and epilogues could have made a big difference. Instead, we're left with something that isn't really a conclusion but more like the end of a chapter in a larger story that I no longer care to know more about.
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on Dec 13, 2003
like alot of people, I too was taken in by all the hype of matrix revolutions, i don't think i'd ever been more excited about a film release, but i left the theatre feeling robbed.

i do think the special effects and epic battle sequences were even better than the previous two films, but this in no way made up for the stupid storyline, disappointing script and appauling ending. the main thing i couldn't come to terms with was the death of two main characters. after she saved him in film one and he saved her at the end of reloaded, i was left thinking what was the point if their both going to die anyway.

the other thing that really annoyed me was my favorite character, morphoeus. i'm sure most people would agree when i say that he was "the daddy" in the first two films, but his part in revolutions was pathetic. i understand that the writers wanted to show a difference in his character after loosing his faith but he hardly had a speaking part.

i think number one was a great film in its own right and i think 'reloaded' was good but really just a build up to the final film. 'revolutions' though, left me thinking that they shouldn't of bothered making two and three.
on Feb 21, 2004
I can understand the feelings here, it's not so much that this movie was bad (and don't kid yourself it WAS bad) but that the first two were so much better. Tho' an avid fan of kung-fu, I got into THE MATRIX for the philosophy and intellectual promise it showed.....a thinking man's movie?......from Hollywood?....surely not!!.
The Architect was an interesting character....but all the others that were added were not. The Oracle in this film was terrible! (did the original actress die?)...and robbed the character of all her intriguing qualities......"I paid a heavy price....but it IS me"....WHAT???.....what price?....bollocks!. This film thinks it's being fact, not only does it not answer any of the questions raised, it also simultaniously destroys the groundwork made by the first two in a huge Neo-style wallop....
The truly excellent effects and set pieces do little to soothe the bitter taste left in your mouth as the credits role.
Not the worst movie ever by a long shot.....but probably the most disappointing (even including the league of extraordinary gentleman!)