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It's more of a hobby really
Published on September 29, 2003 By Draginol In Home & Family
So the 3 year old is crying.

He's been crying for awhile.

His big brother is outside playing and he's not. Why? Because he wouldn't eat his dinner. And by eat I mean, he wouldn't even eat a single bite. Salmon.

I remember when I was a kid objecting (but still eating) foods like spam. Is spam actually a food or are they using that now for insulation? So it's hard to take the 3 year old's crying very seriously for not taking a single bite of salmon.

But he looks at me like I'm torturing him.
on Sep 29, 2003
I gave it 2 for insightful.
on Sep 30, 2003
Mine just sits at the table and stares at me... as if she's torturing me.
on Sep 30, 2003
I can't wait to have kids.. they rock!

I remember sitting at the dinner table one time when I was younger, refusing to eat my Brussels sprouts. I sat there from 5:00PM to 1:00AM when my mom finally gave in and told me I had to go to bed. Of course, she hit me with a paddle for refusing to eat, but hey, I learned something very important. The best things do indeed come to those who wait. Well, that and I'm more stubborn then my mom. Heehee
on Apr 06, 2004
I have enjoyed torturing my maid servant aged 12 years. Frankly in the name of enforcing disciphine among servants I have enjoyed using my cane on her back regularly. She gets shit scared of me. Believe me, you will enjoy it.

Just one call, she is present before you awaiting your command. I just get mad to see her running nose. Devil save her if she does not keep her nose clean. I make her blow her nose and make her eat it too. I keep my footwear in my hand to ensure she obeys me.

One thing I have enjoyed more is pulling her hairs and nose, lifting her by her ears and hitting at her armpits.

Experiment it. You will enjoy too.